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Peaceful Pond

You’re feeling disappointed or rejected,
Lonely or loveless,
And even though you know better than to believe all that in your head,
You’re too lost in “to-do’s” or “he-did’s” to even recognize your own heart.
Time to come and find your rest.

You’re feeling restless or impatient,
Guilty or angry,
And even though you know you live face-to-grace,
You’re too consumed with how far you have to go to recognize whose job it is get you there.
Time to come and find your rest.

You’re feeling anxious or worried,
Burdened or exhausted,
And even though you know it isn’t your load to carry,
You’re too loaded with responsibilities and cares to recognize that you’ve picked them up again.
Time to come and find your rest. [click to continue…]

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Eight Weeks that Can Change Your Life!

by Andy Wood on July 22, 2019

Hi Friend,

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, I just want my life to count!

Or heard others talk about an “abundant life” and wondered where yours was?

Have you ever wondered how some leaders made influence look so easy?

Ever wished you could return to a previous season of vibrant growth and transformation?

Have you recently felt stuck because of past choices?

Hey, I get it. I’ve lived it. And all the while I knew that God had more for me than what I was experiencing.

All that changed one night when my son – then a freshman in college – called to ask for help with an English paper. “Dad,” he said, “I’m thinking of an idea and I wanted you to help me.” His idea – take concepts of investing from the financial world and apply them to other areas of our lives.

“I’m calling it LifeVesting.”

That one call launched an ongoing series of conversations. With God. With my son. And with thousands of people around the world over the last 15 years. Now I’m inviting YOU to join the conversation. Not for my sake. For yours.

Hot off the press! Available pre-publication… the latest edition of the book based on that experience. It’s called LifeVesting:  Cultivate a Life of Abundance, Impact, and Freedom.

Recently people like you from all over the nation began to explore how they can take charge of their future. And they found new motivation to make an eternal impact with their lives. They began to dream about new possibilities and find the courage to make those dreams come true. And the results were stunning!

Andy Wood encourages his students to embrace the freedom and fulfillment of living a life of purpose and generosity. Andy’s transparency, wisdom, and knack for asking the right questions guided our class in dreaming and doing the life God created us for.

—Susan Murphy

I’m excited to announce that we’re launching a new LifeVesting course soon, and I’d love for you to be a part of it.

This 8-week group coaching experience combines individual study with group engagement. We’ll meet together once a week via an online platform ( We’ll also engage with each other throughout the week in different ways. You’ll receive the training, support, and direction you need to add value to every area of your life!

My experience with my LifeVesting group really gave me confidence in my future and in myself as a leader. I went into this group as a recent college graduate, unsure about what to do with my future or how to find direction. Through LifeVesting I was given the tools and inspiration I needed to grow personally and professionally, and to develop my dreams and visions into action steps. Each week is full of valuable insights and questions that will push you to take action steps and set goals for yourself. The lessons on passion and vision really challenged me and opened my eyes for the type of future I saw for myself. Going through the material with a group of likeminded people was an incredible experience and a great way to grasp each week’s lessons. Anyone, no matter what your career or stage of life, could truly benefit from this experience.

–Allison Forbes

Wouldn’t you love to rekindle your passion for what really matters? Wouldn’t it be amazing to awaken a new vision for the type of future you can experience? How might that impact your relationships? Your influence? Your legacy for future generations?

I first heard about LifeVesting after listening to Dr. Andy Wood preach at my church. I researched his program and asked Dr. Wood to come and speak to the Lions Club of Mobile where I was the First Vice-President at the time. After hearing Dr. Wood describe this program for just a few minutes I knew it was something that I was very interested in. I participated in the initial 8-week class with various professionals from all over the United States. This class taught me things that I would never have thought about in my professional and spiritual walk. It also pointed out areas of both aspects of my life that were staring me in the face at the moment. The LifeVesting program is not only a great value, it is a tool that will change your life for the better.

-James Harred

This is more than just a Bible study or discussion group! A coaching group encourages and empowers you to apply the principles we talk about. It’s a safe place to process and explore new ideas. It empowers you to overcome your fears. It challenges you to follow through with commitments you make to yourself. And all that is under the care of the group coach, whose only interest is in your growth.

The word LifeVesting intrigued me right away and I was excited to get started. If you are not sure the best way to use your God-given talents or you have a FEAR about how God will use your gifts, this study will provoke your mind and help you work through those hurdles. One of my favorite concepts from the book was the Life Maximizer. Ask yourself: “At the end of a perfect day for me, what can I say that I have done?” Andy’s question will help you create your own perfect day and maximize your time. This study is very convicting. It’s useful for anyone wanting to grow spiritually and emotionally and improve their quality of life. If you are on the fence about whether you need to invest in a study like this, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

-Charity Render

This could be the most significant investment you have made in your personal growth in a long time. Perhaps ever.

Included in this offer:

My goal is for you to receive incredible value through this experience. Here’s what you’ill receive if you choose to commit to this coaching group:

  • A copy of the 212-page LifeVesting book. The book is biblical, practical, and intensely personal.
  • A link to a free digital copy of the book that you can use yourself or share with someone else.
  • Nine 90-minute group-coaching sessions that I personally lead. This will help you apply what you’re learning. AND you’ll receive encouragement from other group members.
  • A 45-minute private coaching session with me around any topic in the book.
  • A private Facebook group for ongoing interaction throughout the 8 weeks together.
  • Free first access to extra materials as they are developed. This includes videos, podcast-type messages, and other written resources.
  • Discounted books in the future. You’ll be able to order in bulk should you ever want to use them for coaching or small group leadership.
  • Individual coaching at a discount off my regular rate anytime during the next year.

The purpose of this course is not to study my book. It’s to study your life using the book as a guide.

Benefits to You

There are many practical and intangible benefits to being in this group. Here are a few :

  • A renewed sense of Christ-centered abundance in multiple dimensions of your life.
  • Practical ways to increase your influence and leave a legacy for future generations.
  • Growth – spiritual, financial, relational, and much more.
  • Freedom from mindsets and habits that have limited you in the past.
  • New vision for your life in multiple areas.
  • Clarity about what you value most in life and the courage to pursue it.
  • Encouragement and support for times of testing you may be encountering.

What’s Next?

This course is not for everybody. But for those who participate, it could be life-changing. 

Programs of this intensity and value often charge $3,000 or more. Your actual price is only a fraction of that.

I am offering group coaching around this material for $295.00. And if your spouse is interested, they are welcome to join for just $40.00 more.

Space for this group is limited. If you’re curious about exploring it further, please click here to pre-register. This helps me gauge your interest and get your feedback on one other important question. After that, I’ll contact you to answer any questions and complete the process.

You only get one life. Let’s decide to invest our lives together!


Andy Wood

P. S. – Just to be clear, pre-registering does not obligate you to sign up for the group. It just lets me know you may be interested. Click here to get started.

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One of my many "therapists" who came into the hospital room.

One of my many “therapists” who came into the hospital room.


That was different.

It’s one thing to waste time. Save time. Time to stand still.

I’m making up for lost time.


I seem to have misplaced about four hours last week.  Oh, I lived it. And was pretty agitated about it. I just can’t remember it.

TIA, they called it.  Which led to an MRI, an EEG, and a hospital with a big FEE.

I crack myself up.

That was not exactly how I had planned my day to be. But life – and LifeVesting – has a way of throwing curves. And those curveball experiences are their own version of sowing and reaping.

Let’s start with the reaping. [click to continue…]

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businessman or writer, making notes in his diary notebook

Marvin and Dick were brothers and business partners.  Best friends too, if my suspicions were correct.  Well into their retirement when I first got to know them, I caught them both together one afternoon when Dick was in the hospital. There Marvin was perched in a chair beside his bed and they were visiting.

“Come on in,” Marvin said.  “We’re closing the books for the day.”

Turns out, through all their years in business together, every day at 5:00, the two would get together and evaluate the day’s business and plan for the next.  They called it “closing the books.”  This had become such a habit, when they entered their retirement years, they kept the practice going.

I’m pretty sure a cup of coffee was involved.  But regardless, day in, day out, every day at 5:00, these two men would meet together and “close the books.”  Even if one of them was in the hospital.

How about you?  Do you have a way to “close the books” on your day? [click to continue…]

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Empty Tomb of Jesus at Night

For the last 2,000 years people from all over the world have staked their futures around two events that, for them, represent the most transforming experience in history. I’m referring to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of the most compelling proofs of the power of those two events is in the changed character of Jesus’ followers.  Talk about Jekyll-and-Hyde! This ragtag group of crazies went from cowering wimps to a fearless army of witnesses with a single message:  Jesus lives.

These people didn’t wait until the resurrection to believe in Christ.  But they experienced a profound change in their faith when they encountered a living, victorious Lord.

So will you.

Even today it’s possible to know in your head that Jesus is alive, but live as though it’s still Friday night. In other words to believe in Jesus as though He were dead.  So how can you tell the difference?  Here are five signs you’re living on “Friday night” faith: [click to continue…]

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One of Laura Kate's many insertions.

One of Laura Kate’s many insertions.

Take a gander at my seven-year-old granddaughter’s impressive collection of books and you’ll find something very interesting. In volume after volume, page after page, she has drawn a picture of herself.

Ask her why, and she’ll reply, matter-of-factly, “I wanted to draw myself into the story.”

This isn’t just about a second-grader’s imagination. It’s about an entire culture. Laura Kate is just one poster child among millions who have quietly (or not-so-quietly) gone about rewriting the rules for just about everything, from entertainment to technology, to politics and even religion.

I wanted to draw myself into the story. [click to continue…]

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Emilie was jealous. Eyes open, staring at the dark ceiling night after night, jealous.

And the focus? Her husband, Chris.

She was jealous of how he could carry an enormous load of stress from his work, simply say a prayer or two at bedtime, and effortlessly fall asleep.

Chris was actually 19th-century pastor Christoph Blumhardt.

One night Emilie couldn’t take it anymore, so she pleaded with her husband, “Tell me your secret!”

He replied: “Is God so powerless that my worrying would help the well-being of our parish?”

Then he added, “There comes a moment each day when we must simply drop what weighs on us and hand it over to God.”

That’s what Paul meant when he encouraged his friends in Philippi:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).

Stop, drop and roll, friends. That’s how to put out the fire when you’re burning. [click to continue…]

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Leading the Team Out of a Maze

Nobody talks about the life-changing leader who helped them raise their umbrella at the beach.  Influence happens only rarely in comfort zones or times of ease. Vision is not the starry-eyed product of Monday morning quarterbacks or couch potatoes. Adversity was made for leadership.  And leaders were made for adversity.

Seth Godin puts it this way: [click to continue…]

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Be the Light

I don’t think I’d have to argue long to convince you we’re living in a dark world.  Tune in your favorite news source and it seems that it’s a daily reminder that whatever was dark yesterday has only gotten darker today, and – get this – the only “fix” for it is to change the rules and make yesterday’s “dark” today’s “light.”

Pardon my cynicism, but pay attention to what everybody is calling “evil” today. All other things being equal, a decade from now people will openly declare it as “good” or “right” or necessary.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be surprised that the world has its own answers to the messes it’s in.  Even now, in the United States of Iowa, one Democrat and 72 Republicans are mixing it up with the locals, presenting themselves as the light of the world.

I think you know better. [click to continue…]

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Your Purpose Green Road Sign

Welcome back to the tour.  Hope you enjoyed the break, and I hope you have a good, roughed up version of a personal mission statement.  We’re ready to move to the advanced part of the lab.  Before we go in, remember, this is MY lab and it’s still messy.  Also remember that this work was done because of a felt need for change.  If you are absolutely satisfied that your personal mission statement is something you can organize your work and life around, with conviction and passion, leave it alone.

Oh… and if you haven’t taken the time to do a little soul work and put your mission statement together, back up to the first part of the tour and get caught up.  Otherwise, we may hijack your tombstone and just say, “He (or she) was too busy to wonder why.”

Ready to go in?  Let’s to this. [click to continue…]

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