Spring tulip fields in Holland, Netherlands

According to the experts in global culture, setting aside specific countries or tribes, you belong to one of 10 primary social groups: Anglo, Germanic, Latin European, African, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Confucian, Southeast Asian, Latin American, and Nordic.

One in 10 – that alone makes you pretty statistically insignificant.

Broadly speaking, again setting aside the ever-increasing labels for new “communities” springing up, three genders have been formally recognized at a government level somewhere in the world – male, female, and transgender. Factor that into the previous set of distinctions, and move over – now you’re one in 30. [click to continue…]

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One of oneTurns out there was something almost as satisfying Monday night as watching Eddie Lacy, A. J. McCarron and company put looks of futility and bewilderment on yet another BCS opponent – a game, by the way, I have waited since 1966 to witness.

It was a commercial.  For Dr. Pepper, of all things.  Now as long as I’ve known anything about Dr. Pepper and commercials, they have always had some kind of big song and dance production.  And this commercial was no exception.

What was exceptional was the song in the commercial.  It sort of stopped me in my tracks.  I actually hit rewind to see the thing again.  (If you know anything about me and commercials, you will know this rarely happens.)  If you’d like to see the commercial, it’s already on YouTube, and you can watch it here.

I didn’t run out and buy Dr. Pepper.  But I did hurry to iTunes and found the song.  I just discovered it was released on iTunes on January 7, the day the commercial ran.

The song is by the Nashville group Vinyl Hearts, and it’s called, “I Am.” You can hear it in its entirety by clicking below.  Please, hear the song in its entirety. [click to continue…]


I Have a Maker

by Andy Wood on October 28, 2011

in 100 Words

Take a look at this picture.

Care to guess where these beautiful stones came from? [click to continue…]


Laura Kate Wiley is finding her voice.

At 17 months, she’s off to a good start.

With safe surroundings and a fearless heart,

A free spirit and a supportive family,

She plays and rests and dreams and wants –

Sincerely believing that what she has to say actually matters.

She will need these things again and again,

As her world evolves and her voice is threatened.

Nobody can sing the songs meant for her alone.

Again and again, she will have to find her heart with clarity,

And express her mind with grace and courage.

So will you. 

Find your voice.


Somewhere in a sea of uniformity, a yellow tulip stands alone.

Exquisite… but doubtless convinced that “different” means “ugly.”

Ask this amber wonder for any wish – it will openly yearn to be “normal.”

Never again to be viewed as a mistake, or a freak.

And yet, wish granted, all that remains is a sea of red.

Beautiful… but hardly remarkable.

To dress as no other is the honor of the bride.

To sing as no other is the glory of the nightingale.

To live, give, and love as no other is the beauty of a heart freed by grace.