see,speak,hear no evil

Don’t miss the miracle.

Don’t get fixated on the “only one way” to find light and life and healing and power. Don’t let the miraculous wonder pass you by while you wait for things to be done your way, or the way they’ve always been done in the past.

Listen for the call.

Hear the voice of compassion.

Let faith arise and take Him at His word.

Step boldly in the direction of your dreams and His power.

Find glory in a Father who doesn’t abide by your limited expectations. [click to continue…]



Found myself making a list the other day.  It was really helpful, and I suggest you do the same.  It’ll be good, clean fun. So grab that pen or loosen up those fingers and let’s brainstorm.


Make a list of all the things you still don’t know.

Okay, from the sound of those crickets, I’m assuming that may be a bit too broad.  So hone in on one specific area.

The economy? That’s a good one.

Your kids of family?  Excellent.

Your work situation?  Awesome.

Regardless of the venue, when you allow your mind to focus on what you still don’t know because the future is uncertain, you’re giving yourself a heart-engraved invitation to be anxious in the purest sense of the word.  We experience anxiety whenever we are pulled in different directions.  That’s literally what the word means.  Anxiety certainly includes worry, but it isn’t limited to that.  Any emotional impasse can be classified as anxiety.

Recently I was reading the prayer of a really anxious man, and got a whole new perspective on what to do when I’m feeling anxious. [click to continue…]



(A Conversation)



Yeah, quiet.  You ask how I am… I’m quiet.

In what way? Are you upset?

No.  I don’t think so. Just quiet.

Worse ways to be, I guess.

I suppose so.

And what brought you to this place of being so quiet?

I guess it all started with this sense of yearning – of longing for something more in my walk with the Lord.

That’s a good thing.

Sure, ‘til I realized what’s in the way.

Which is…? [click to continue…]

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parenthesisA few months ago I was having a conversation with someone who was going through a recovery process.  He sounded really healthy on the phone – sober in the best sense of the word.  Then he said something really curious about his life.

“I’m so ready to get things back to normal.”

“Normal,” I told him, “was what got you in trouble in the first place.  You’re ‘normal’ is being redefined, and that takes time.  And as much as you want that, you are going to need to give it time to form.”

I was talking to a couple a few weeks after their first baby was born.  I asked how things were going and got a predictable answer.  “We love being parents, but we’re exhausted from lack of sleep,” Mom said.

Then Dad chimed in…  “Yeah, we’re so ready to get back to normal.”

I guess I was a little rude, but I just laughed.  In their face.

“You want what?  Good luck with that.” [click to continue…]


A cathedral in Europe was famous for the large, magnificent, stained‑glass window that was located behind the altar and high above the sanctuary.  One day a violent windstorm shattered that beautiful window into a thousand pieces.  The church custodian was hesitant to discard the fragments, so he put them in a box and stored them in the basement of the cathedral.

Shortly after the storm, a man who had heard about the damage asked for and received the broken pieces of glass.  About 2 years later, he invited the caretaker to visit him in a nearby village.  When the custodian arrived, the man explained that he was an artisan and that he had something to show him.  When the craftsman unveiled his work, the visitor was astonished to see a lovely window fashioned from the broken fragments.  It was even more beautiful than the original.

You can be, too.

Like the shattered window, sometimes we live in the wake of a painful experience that threatens to leave us broken and scarred – an unrecognizable leftover of what we once imagined ourselves to be.

Abundance?  Hardly.

Joyful?  Are you kidding?

I heard a beautiful reflection on that a couple of years ago from a TV show, of all things: [click to continue…]

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I think I may have found the key to happiness, success, power, and the life you’ve always wanted. I’m not sure how I lived so long without recognizing it; from the looks of things, quite a few people have already figured it out.  In fact, you may already be ahead of me on this.

The secret?  Be completely in control of every aspect of your life and world.

There you have it.  The results will speak for themselves.

No longer do you have to put up with displeasing people – you now will control them.  No longer will you-know-who resist your wise ideas, visionary leadership, or impressive communication.  You’re in charge.  Say good-bye to disappointment, discouragement, rejection, financial pressure, TSA agents, time-wasting meetings, and even those unsightly blemishes.

In fact, research conducted through a grant from the Lifevesting Institute of Advanced Relationship  Studies (LIARS for short) suggests that there are at least 12 strategies through which people ascend to such an advanced state of life ownership.  Any one of these can take you to new heights.  But when you combine these paths, the outcomes are staggering.

Well, somebody’s staggering, anyway.

Here are twelve pathways – twelve roles you can assume to take you to a state of Ultimate Grip Hold (UGH) on life – the last stage before the designation of Master of the Universe.  If one doesn’t work for you, feel free to substitute for another.  Or mix and match, if you like. [click to continue…]


Can we talk about The Elephant in the Room? 

Most of the time we use the phrase to describe the unspoken but obvious thing between two or more people that no one is talking about.  There’s a different elephant, however, that I want to explore. 

It’s the one in your head.

I don’t know what yours is doing, but the elephant my head likes to dance.  Badly.

The Elephant in Your Head is the one or two things that appear in every mental photo.  The two or three things that interrupt – albeit silently – any patterns of forward thinking.

What do you do when you’re the elephant in the room? [click to continue…]


Oh, the breathtaking joy of living hands-free!

Of living without seizing control – of my life or yours.

Of dropping my guard and relaxing my fist and my grip…

And trusting that He is my shield  and healer, my righteousness and guide.

Oh, what these hands can do if Someone else is at the controls of my life!

Raised to Him in worship…

Extended to you to serve…

Opened to you to touch and support…

Holding the hands of those we cherish most…

Ready to hold you or that which is precious to you…

Pointing the way for others to follow.

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He is jealous for me

Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree

Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy

american-idol-stage“If only he can see how good I am,” Jake says to himself as he waits among the cast of thousands.  “Surely he will see what Mama and my cousins all see… and maybe, just maybe I could just be the next…”

Whoa, Dawg.  That’s a little pitchy for me.

On the banks of a river called Jabbock, a man watches the last of his family disappear on the other side, just as the sun begins to set.  On that side of the river, judgment day awaits.  For more than 20 years, Jacob has lived a charmed – and charming – life.  He married the woman of his dreams, has a dozen sons and a daughter, and is a biz whiz like, well, nobody’s business.

But the time has come to face down some ghosts from his past, and demons in his soul.  Jacob must face the twin he betrayed tomorrow.  But tonight, he has an appointment to meet with God.  And to face himself in the process.

Simon says:  Absolutely dreadful.

This kind of encounter allows for no distractions of any type.  [click to continue…]

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