Dear Cole

by Andy Wood on June 18, 2019

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You entered our world on a bright, beautiful summer day today, June 18, 2019. I appreciate you being born – now we can officially know what your name is. Picking that has been quite an adventure. Finally, your mom and dad decided they’d know your name when they saw you. Now we all know! And I must add, one look at you and as far as I’m concerned, they could name you anything and it wouldn’t measure up to how beautiful you are.

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Dear Juliet

by Andy Wood on May 10, 2019

in Photos, Turning Points

That was fast! But today, May 10, 2019, we welcomed you into our world. And I’m sure your parents and some new friends are happy you gave them a few days to arrive in Colorado (8 to be exact) before you decided to make an early entrance!

But enter you did! All 5-14 feisty little pounds of you.

This is the tenth such letter I have written, but only the second I’ve ever written to a granddaughter. In between you and Queen Laura Kate is a merry band of boys, three of whom lay claim to being your brother. Every one of your cousins and siblings is remarkable in his or her own right, but I have no doubt that you’ll take your own place in the grand design of things.

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Dear James

by Andy Wood on November 23, 2016

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You first saw the light of day yesterday, a Monday, November 21, 2016. But you first lit our day today. And boy, did you light it. The world is full of pretty babies and we’ve seen our share. After all, you are number nine for us.  But I’ve gotta tell ya, you’re as beautiful as it gets, and it was worth the ride to hold you in our arms for the first of many times.

I should probably point out that you may have set some sort of world record for the most people holding a newborn in his first 24 hours. But there’s a reason.  [click to continue…]

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Dear Archer,

You entered our world today, December 18, 2014, and may I just say, you didn’t disappoint!  We fretted a little that we wouldn’t get here in time from Alabama, but like the gentleman you already are, you politely waited for us arrive, then for good measure took a few more hours for everybody to get their bearings.  Then in the fullness of time, you let it be known that you were large (our largest grandbaby yet), loud (probably the loudest, too), and in charge!

Other babies have been born on this day, but only you can claim to have a sister who’s the Sasster.  In a world of brothers and all-boy cousins, she’s the only girl, and I think she sorta likes it that way.  I know she loves being your big sister.  “He’s just adorable,” she said when she saw you for the first time.  And no, I don’t know how a first grader knows the word “adorable,” but she can probably also spell it, parse it, and say it in German, Spanish and Swahili.

You’ll learn the ropes from your brothers Shepherd and Fischer soon enough.  And yes, that frightens me just a bit.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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Papa Jonah 2

Next time you make an appointment with me, I’ll just expect you to show up early! Boy, was that a quick surprise! But I’ll take that kind of surprise any day.

We welcomed you into the world on Wednesday, September 18, just two days after your Great Grandpaw turned 76 years old. “We” is a relative term, however, and this relative didn’t get to make it until Friday.  But that surprise one-of-a-kind voice you heard while you were still in the hospital?  Yep. That was Grammy.

That’s about all I know to say about that.

You were born into a family that absolutely adores children. You were wanted. Anticipated. Prayed for. And delighted in… long before you were ever born.

You big brother Jackson is already crazy about you. He loves to watch you sleep, hold you (with a little help), and pat you while you’re sleeping.  He’s both tenderhearted and brilliant – I can’t think of a better big brother for you.

Your parents are pretty amazing people themselves. [click to continue…]

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The room was completely remodeled.

New drywall, carpet and wallpaper with clowns and balloons.

New furniture filled the space.

New little outfits filled the drawers.

And diapers!

Oh my, the diapers. [click to continue…]

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Dear Fischer

by Andy Wood on July 23, 2012

in Life Currency, Love, Photos

Well… THAT was an adventure!  Apparently when the doctor said, “Let’s go,” you decided you would prefer to stay, and that sure got everybody moving!

But we are so glad that today, July 23, 2012, we were able to welcome you into this world… healthy and with a strong pair of lungs, even if you weren’t happy about having to use them yet.  Your Mama, Daddy, and big sister and big brother have been waiting with excitement for a long time for you to arrive, and you didn’t disappoint.  And though I have only held you once, you have already established yourself as a one-of-a-kind. [click to continue…]

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You entered our world today – January 5, 2012 – a little early, but with no shortage of anticipation, excitement and joy.  We have known for some time that your big brother Cohen would be sharing playing time with a little brother.  But that’s not the same as being able to see you, hold you, delight in you, and brag on you to the world.

Game on.

Let the seeing-holding-delighting-bragging begin!

The world you have been born into is a strange and beautiful place.  Right now in places like New Hampshire and South Carolina, Republican presidential candidates are courting actual votes of real people in primaries, after spending a year courting poll results and press attention.  All of that for the privilege of challenging President Barak Obama in this November’s election. [click to continue…]

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Dear Jackson

by Andy Wood on July 14, 2011

in Life Currency, Love, Photos

Dear Jackson,

You entered our world today, July 14, 2011, the firstborn of a very excited and grateful Mom and Dad (weary, too, but who cares?). Every Daddy and Mommy are excited about the birth of a baby.  But I have never met a man more ready, more yearning, more longing to see his son than your father.  Just last night he told us on the phone, “I’m not worried – just anxious.”  Believe me, you were worth the wait.  To him.  To your Mommy.  To all of us.

Already, in the short time we have held you, watched your first bath and all the other things that go with saying hello to a newborn, you have filled our hearts.  I wonder if you’ll always like having your hair washed like you did that first time.  I wonder if, when you’re my age, you’ll have hair to wash, but we can talk about that later.

That was your Grammy who was doing all the galloping (yes, galloping) and hooting over you. [click to continue…]

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Dear Shepherd

by Andy Wood on March 9, 2011

in Life Currency, Love, Photos

We welcomed you into a world that you have already become a part of – but now we’ve finally met.  And though I have only held you once, you already occupy a place of deep connection, belonging, and love in my heart. 

Today, March 9, 2011, the world can be a scary place.  As a newborn American citizen, I’m sorry to tell you that you already owe more money than you can repay in your lifetime – most of it to people who don’t live here.  The Communist government in China wants to take over the reincarnation process (I don’t even know where to start with that).  And a bully in the Middle East is clinging to power, whatever the cost.

But while the future is uncertain, it is no more so than the world our Lord Jesus entered two thousand years ago.  And His life, death, and resurrection casts a much greater beacon of hope than the shadows of a fearful world could ever compete with.

You have been born into a loving family, who has established their home first and foremost on a steadfast love for God.  You have the unique distinction of having a big sister – and if anyone was ever born for the role, she is.  [click to continue…]

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