Questions Three-year-olds Ask on Airplanes

by Andy Wood on December 9, 2013

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CohenWanna get away?  Want some great in-flight entertainment?  Just take a trip with your favorite three-year-old.  And try making a list of all the questions you hear.  Here, hot off the press, is a partial sampler from a flight we took this past Friday.

What’s amazing is how many of the questions are the same when we’re 33 or 55.  We just develop questions behind the questions as we get older.  The rest of this is written by Mr. Cohen Thomas (he just doesn’t know it yet)…

Why are we not going?

Are we going down?

[After passing through the clouds] Where is God?

Are we almost to Disney Wouwd? (World)

What’s that button for?

Why are we not going to Grandma and Granddaddy’s house?

Are we almost to Disney Wouwd?

Why are we going to be there tonight?


What are we going to do in Houston?

Are we going to land in the clouds?

Why are we not landing?

Why are we not going down?

How high are we going?

Are we staying in the clouds?

Why are we in the clouds?

Where’s Dallas?

Why do you want to like this (looking at Grammy’s fingernails, decorated a la Mickey and Minnie)?

How long is it taking?


Why are the streets pretty bad now?

What’s she saying over there?

What’s that circle thing down there?

What does that (ding dong sound) mean?

What’s he doing?

Why is that one coming here?

Why isn’t the plane taking off?

What do jelly beans taste like?

Did she say we could use game mode?

What does game mode mean?

Did she say we could not stand?

Why can’t we stand?

Why is she watching us up there?

Are you the boss too?

How fast is it gonna go?

Why is she the boss?

How can she watch me?

What happens if we’re out?

Are we taking off?

When are we going to be at that big, big castle?

What are we going to do now?

But where is Orlando?

Are we going to Orlando right now?

Where’s Cason?

Why did she tell us to relax?

When are we going to go really fast?

(Mama: let’s hold hands…). Why?

Are we in the clouds now?

Where is Disney Wouwd now?

Is that Grammy?

Why is that going to ding?

Are we going to stay at Disney Wouwd for a week?

When are we going to come home?


What are we supposed to do with the tray Mommy?

Can we stand on it?

What’s going to happen?

Did it make the dinging noise?

What happens when we get to Disney Wouwd?

Is that a map?

Where are we?

Is Houston by Orlando?

How far is it?

Can we see where we are, Papa?

When are we going to land?

How did we get so high?

How will we get down?

Is that the water there?

Why is it a long time of water?

Why is the water still down there?

Where is the pilot at?

Where is the cockpit?

Can you take me to see Grammy?

Are we almost there?

Can you see it?


Do you see it Papa?

Where is it?

Where Papa?

Are we landing?

Martha Orlando December 13, 2013 at 6:03 pm

Oh, what a delightful chuckle I got out of this one, Andy! He sounds so much like my three-year-old granddaughter. )
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..The Twelve Pathways to Christmas, Again!

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