Four Things You Never Get Back

by Andy Wood on June 15, 2009

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sand-through-fingersIt was a typical piece of junk mail – the next great offer, the last of the big bargains, real savings on my long distance, or something like that.  Just before it sailed off into File-13 history, something at the bottom of the page caught my eye.  It said:  “Four things that you can never get back… the spoken word… your past life… wasted time… and neglected opportunity.”

Never has something so close to oblivion been so profound.  So much of our lives are like the ebb and flow of the tides.  So much comes and goes, only to come back again.  But there are those other parts of our lives that are like a shooting star – they don’t come back.  Other things may come that look similar, but that’s only a matter of appearance.  Fact is, there are four things you can never get back. [click to continue…]


job-applicationSome of the rules have changed.

  • Time Magazine, in it’s provocative “Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now,” reports that having a job is cool again.  Rather than regarding employment as a necessary evil to be escaped as soon as possible, jobs are now considered an asset.  (Nothing like losing something to recognize its worth, I guess).
  • Someone just told me about his father, who for eight years tried to make a go of his home-based business and now, in his 60s, realizes the need for an employer.  He’s finding it difficult.
  • My favorite job/career-hunting book, What Color is Your Parachute?, which has been updated annually since 1970, was back on the best-seller list in December.

So with the new demand for paying day-jobs and the shortening supply, I thought it might be helpful offer some strategies for improving your chances.  [click to continue…]

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Why do you have the resources, abilities, relationships and intelligence that you do?  Why do you lack the brain, the pain, the financial gain that others have?

It all comes back to the Trust.

What you “have” isn’t yours any more than what somebody else “has” is theirs.  It all – even your life – belongs to God.  He purchased it completely with the death and resurrection of His Son.  But He has entrusted the management decisions to you.  Incidentally, the primary management decision you must make is what you will do with the death and resurrection of His Son!

Jesus’ story of the talents illustrates the point. (You can read my paraphrase/summary here.) Each of the servants received part of the master’s possessions to manage for him while he was away.  That represents your life and all it entails. [click to continue…]

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