My 2017 Christmas Prayer for You

by Andy Wood on December 25, 2017

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As the joy of expectancy greets the heart’s nostalgia for days and lives gone by this Christmas, I pray that you would experience a fresh encounter with a God powerful enough to whisper His truth in a still, small voice.

I pray that He would manifest His presence in ways that bring new clarity of vision and enflamed imagination for the exploits you and I can do.

I pray that the joy of your salvation would fill you to overflowing as you are conformed daily into the image of Christ and learn to patiently wait on Him.

I pray that he would grant you His inner peace that passes all understanding and that you would radiate his singular beauty in your walk and your work.

I pray that in sharing His truth and life with others, that you would color their world with grace and kindness as they simply watch your ways.

I pray that you experience the breathtaking wonder of creation – a cloudless night sky, a sunrise, a dandelion in a child’s fingers, a newborn life, or some other traces of Eden in this generation.

I pray that you rediscover the glory of being fully alive, and that despite the wear and tear of life on a punishing planet, you would remain steadfast in hope, awe, and reverence.

I pray that you find fulfillment in the completion of yesterday’s dreams and goals, that that your heart would be awakened to new dreams and greater possibilities.

I pray that you would discover new wonders, new insights, and new relationships that will flood your soul with light, love, and power.

I pray that you would find the heart to give as generously as you have received, and to focus on how you can create value for future generations.

And finally, I pray that the reality that you are a child of a Great King and a friend of the Living God would fill your heart with gladness, knowing that very, very soon that King is coming to carry you home forever.

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