The Distance and the Spaces

by Andy Wood on October 3, 2013

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Road through the Palouse Region.

The Dream

Somewhere in the deepest places of your heart, however old and tired or fresh and alive it may seem, there lurks The Dream. Rooted in who or what you believe to be true, grounded in what you are most passionate about, The Dream is your ideal sense of beauty, happiness, and ultimate contentment.

For many people, The Dream is so patently obvious or so magically impossible, they hardly think about it, much less discuss it. For others, The Dream is tantamount to heaven, so they assume that the only joy here is preparing for life there, after death.

Let me be clear.  “God has prepared things for those who love him that no eye has seen, or ear has heard, or that haven’t crossed the mind of any human being” (1 Corinthians 2:9, CEB). But in setting your heart toward home, He has given you a sense of life as it ought to be… as it can be. It may seem impossible this side of heaven…

Nevertheless, The Dream is there.

And you are here.

And in between are the Distance and the Spaces.

The Spaces are those markers and milestones that speak of the progress you have made in the direction of The Dream.

The Distance is the ruthless, unyielding set of facts, measurements and rules that, apart from God’s grace, show us just how far we have to go.

The Way of the Distance and the Spaces

The Distance and Spaces have a way of illuminating your vision and sensitizing you to the possibilities of growth, fulfillment, and life that’s waits for those who seize it.

The Distance and the Spaces have a way of showing just how alone and apart you are from true, intimate fellowship and unity.

The Distance and Spaces have a way of reminding you that there is great reward – and great challenge – in pressing on toward The Dream.

The Distance and Spaces have a way of exposing your heart to loves and callings that are deeper and higher than you ever imagined… and exposing those loves and callings to the condition of your heart today.

The Distance and Spaces can encourage you by reminding you how near you may be to The Dream, or at least to the next milestone Space. It can remind you how far you’ve come.

The Distance and Spaces can also coldly reveal how far away you are, and make you feel hopeless, should you choose to do so.

The Unsinkable Heart

Only one thing can traverse the seeming impossible terrain of the Distance and Spaces – an unsinkable heart.

When the Distance and the Spaces appear on the horizon as an impossible series of closed doors, the Unsinkable Heart confronts one at a time.

When the Distance and the Spaces appear as lonely or loveless, the Unsinkable Heart holds tightly to the Love that, despite all appearances, never lets go.

When the Distance and the Spaces point behind us and taunt us that “we’ve tried this before” or “you never follow through,” the Unsinkable Heart takes the next step forward.

When the Distance and the Spaces seem to accumulate a set of “facts” that point to failure, discouragement, or more disappointment, the Unsinkable Heart stays riveted to the Truth that points the way toward The Dream.

And what is the secret of this Unsinkable Heart?  It never… ever… travels alone.

The Companion

When the Unsinkable Heart collides with a closed door, the Companion shares his experience, strength, and hope, and together they overcome obstacles neither could confront alone.

When the Unsinkable Heart stares weakly at a lonely, loveless terrain, the Companion grips firmly and whispers gently, “We’re in this together – and I’ll never leave you.”

When the Unsinkable Heart stands shamed by past failure or haunted by past rejection, the Companion points the way to a new day and declares that the past doesn’t have to define the future.

When the Unsinkable Heart stands at the edge of risk, fear, or unspeakable pain, the Companion draws the sword, stands as the shield, and robs fear of its power to paralyze.

Today as you dare to cross the Distance and the Spaces toward The Dream, may you do so with an Unsinkable Heart and a faithful Companion…





The Dream will be closer than ever before.

And the Distance and the Spaces will just be a way of keeping score.

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Martha Orlando October 3, 2013 at 11:42 am

Inspiring as ever, Andy! This unsinkable heart can’t thank the Companion enough! 🙂
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..Fingerprints of God

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