Your Most Important Test

by Andy Wood on October 3, 2011

in Five LV Laws, Principle of Increase

It’s a simple and harmless enough word, but it often conjures up images of sweaty palms, sleepless nights, or other versions of brace-for-impact.  It can be the harbinger of terrible news to come – a signal that Lucy’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.  It can be a predictor (and a revealer) of a whole lotta’ work.

The word?


“We’ll have to run a few tests to see how advanced it is.”

“Close your books and clear your desks.  You’ll have one hour to complete this test.”

“This test will let us know whether we move forward or start completely over with our design.”

“God is taking me through some pretty tough tests these days.”

Have you ever thought “test” should be spelled “ugh?”  Nobody would argue that they’re stressful and in some circumstances a waste of time and money.  But tests also save lives, reveal needs for future growth, or protect us from more painful consequences down the road.  Tests are designed to provide information that will guide decision makers (including you) in future choices.

Tests range from the vital to the trivial to the bizarre.  But the most significant test you can take doesn’t come from a teacher or a doctor, or psychologist or an engineer.  The most significant test you take may well be the one you give yourself.  [click to continue…]


Think fast!  What’s the difference between a test and a temptation?

Fast answer:  Nothing.

Slower answer:   One comes from the devil and one comes from the Lord.  But did you know that the same Greek word is used for both?  Check out these familiar words: [click to continue…]

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The Ring

by Andy Wood on March 14, 2008

in Following Your Passion, LV Cycle

NinjaI had never seen a rank test before.  What I did see impressed me.  And taught me.  I know it’s dangerous to talk in layman’s terms about something you don’t fully understand, but I want to tell you what I saw.  (No, this picture wasn’t it.  I just thought the little fella looked cute.)

For those of you, like me, who have never taken a martial arts class, a rank test is a challenge a student must face in order to receive a higher-ranked belt.  White belts challenge for yellow, yellow belts challenge for blue, and so forth.  I walked in on a Monday night several years ago to what I assumed was a routine karate class, and found out my kid (age 8 at the time) was being tested.  What made it interesting was that he didn’t know it at the time.

Best I can tell, the rank test involved two different parts.  First, students had to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of what they had been taught.  The different moves and techniques were reviewed over and over under the watchful eye of the master.

Then came The Ring.  At least, that’s my name for it.  [click to continue…]