False Beliefs

Sad little girl sitting on grass

In an old strip from “Bloom County” back in the early 80s,  Opus, the beloved big-nosed penguin, is sitting at a bus stop with a Polish guy, a black guy, a white guy, an old lady and a midget (um, vertically challenged person)…

Black Guy (to Opus): Ya know… you penguin types offend me.
White Guy: Hey… I’ll tell ya what offends me… dirty words, that’s what!
Polish Guy: Polish jokes offend me.
Black Guy: Stereotypes offend ME.
Old Lady: TV sex offends me!
White Guy: LOOK! That sign is offensive!!
Midget: I made that sign and I’m offended!
Polish Guy (to Black Guy): Frankly sir, you offend me.
Black Guy: Well! I’m offended at your offense.
Old Lady: Those nudes offend my womanhood!
White Guy: Those gays offend my manhood!
Midget: This comic offends my offensiveness!

All: MY GOSH… LIFE IS OFFENSIVE!! AAAAAIGH! (they all run away, leaving Opus sitting at the bus stop)

Opus: Offensensitivity.

Have you checked your offensensitivity levels lately?  Some days it just seems that all of life is offensive.  And other days, well, maybe we have enough grace to let a few people be completely wrong.  This just in from Serenah:

I have just read your put your stingers up piece and it was helpful. But how do you put your stingers up permanently when you are in a situation you can’t remove yourself from? I know God is trying to teach me to let go of defensiveness but I don’t know how?

Fair question.  How do you drop your guard when every day feels like a march into the enemy’s camp?  Here are a couple of thoughts on the fly, but thoughts worth taking a look at.  Offensensitivity is the result of three overlapping things:  Fear, Framing, and False Beliefs. [click to continue…]

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Chihuahua Wearing GlassesIn his book, Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, Chuck Swindoll tells of two young women from Southern California who spent the day doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in Tijuana.  After a successful day of bargain hunting, they returned to their car.  One of the ladies glanced down in the gutter and noticed something squirming, as if in pain.  On closer examination, they saw what appeared to be a dog – a tiny Chihuahua – struggling for its life.  It was breathing heavily, shivering, and barely able to move.  Their hearts went out to the pathetic little animal.  Their compassion wouldn’t let them drive off and leave it there to die.

The friends decided to take it home with them and do their best to nurse it back to health.  Afraid of being stopped and having the little creature detected by border patrol officers, they carefully placed it on some papers among their packages in the trunk of their car.  Within minutes they were back in California and only a couple of hours from home.  One of the women held the sick little Chihuahua the rest of the way. [click to continue…]


Where’d You Get that Image of God?

by Andy Wood on March 15, 2010

in Turning Points

This is not a picture of God.  It’s a picture of a Nanga Sadhu, or naked Hundu holy man.  His face and body are smeared with ashes and he’s breathing out marijuana, not brimstone.

But look again.

I think in a lot of people’s minds, when they think of God, an image sort of like this emerges.




Other people imagine the opposite extreme [click to continue…]


grasshopperThis week a friend sent me a poignant and compelling image that describes what it’s like to live in a climate or with a spirit of fear.  But the image is so strong, I think it describes anybody who feels as though they are in a no-win situation.

I feel like a grasshopper on the ocean hanging onto a leaf.  I cling to the leaf to keep from drowning.  If I eat the leaf to keep from starving, I lose my life preserver, and drown.

I’ll tell you later what he learned in the process.  But can you relate? [click to continue…]

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