What I’m Learning from My Students – Part 9

by Andy Wood on July 21, 2016

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(Life in the Public Eye Edition)

I’ve been listening to a lot of professional communicators lately. I’ve also been seeing a lot of people in the public eye, for better or worse.  Politicians. Preachers. Entertainers. Protesters. Prophets of doom. Leaders, or leader wannabes.  Victims or those pretending to be victims.

I’ve had some thoughts about all that.  Wildly accurate thoughts, of course, because hey, they were mine.  But rather than blather on about my forgettable opinions, I thought I would share some real wisdom.

As I have mentioned in previous posts like this one, I get a front row seat to some amazing writing, all sent like these with the hopes of earning an A on a paper or discussion forum.

(I get plenty of bad writing too, but I’m saving that for another day.)

So I’ve been keeping a file of my favorite student quotations for quite some time now, and today I would like to share a powerful collection with you. All of these are about something to do with living in the public eye, either as a leader or as a public servant or communicator.  Sooner or later this could be you in your 15 minutes of you-know-what.

Read on (it’s a quick read) and brace for impact. You will be impressed and blessed by these insights.

Lights on Stage


Jesus was not a celebrity. He was a tradition breaker with a posse.

–Hannah Cherry


 Too many promises made and none kept is a disaster bubbling in a shallow grave.

–Tom Hersh


I hate criticism. I do not mind taking it…I just hate that it has become a currency in our culture.

–James Kinnaird


Just because I am on a stage, it does not mean that I am the reason that all of the people come to church.

–Will Richardson


Running the mouth with little to no action is ineffective…. It is important for the leader to not only talk about the vision, but be the vision for the team to see.

–Lorine Brown


When I am leading my church’s congregation on Sunday mornings in worship of song, I am not on the platform for people to look at me. Rather, I am called to the platform to put God’s throne on display for the congregation to bow in adoration and worship Him.

–Whitney Myers


It seems that some of the most successful and well-remembered leaders are the ones that simply acted as the shout that started the avalanche, rather than trying to be every stick and stone all the way down the mountainside.  Prideful and arrogant leaders are the ones that try to start something and then micromanage and take credit for every step along the way.  They think that they are something special and that others should look up to them because they are the sole cause of everything that is accomplished.  The best leaders, however, equip people to do their jobs, trust them to do what they say they will do, and give them helpful encouragement and advice along the way.

–Jordan Bentley


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