What I’m Learning From My Students, Part 2

by Andy Wood on May 3, 2014

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Another semester has passed, and in the transition to summer school, I’ve been reminded again that some of the most powerful expressions of language often come from people who are just trying to get an A in a class.

I shared a collection of seven profound insights I gained from students here.  Today I thought I’d take another swipe at it.

Read these slowly.  Enjoy the insightful use of words and truths.  This is good stuff…


As a leader, it’s important to realize you cannot give away what you don’t have. I had to be so immersed in the Lord, that He was more than a ritual, or scripture, more than a rehearsed cliché, but my source of strength and my provision.   He had to engrain himself into every fiber of my being; I had to empty myself of the personality that others wanted me to have and to form the personality He always created me to have.

–Abby Ferguson


My home church went out of business several years ago and I was glad to see it finally pass. It had been dead for decades. Today, the church that once sat at 512 University Parkway in Aiken, SC is now a funeral home. It was for many years, only the people attending hadn’t realized it.

–William Royal


When David was misunderstood and rebuked, publicly, by his own brother, probably amid the laughter of the other soldiers, he could have blown it. But he showed the strength of the armor of God in his life and true leadership.  He replied rightly. He didn’t care about his glory or success, but only for the glory and success of the Lord’s cause. Goliath was a dead man right then! This is where the battle was won! If Eliab’s hurtful words can get David in the flesh, and out of the flow of the Spirit of the Lord, then David’s strength is gone. But when David ruled his spirit and answered softly, he was more in step with the Spirit of the Lord than ever. Oh yes David told them they could start digging Goliath’s grave right then!

-Victoria Saygbay


Christ is the chief visionary of discipleship; the CEO of All Thing Possible.

–Raquel Wallace


I think that the common theme among generations is that they feel like they do not know what is wrong with the generation that came after them.

–Michael Gipson


Character is not the face that the public sees, but the face that appears when all other facades decline.

–Terri Hodge


I would much rather spend one day on earth knowing that I have pleased God with my stay, than a million healthy years away from his love as expressed through the sacrificial life of His son, Christ.

-Daniel Fagbuyi

Martha Orlando May 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Oh, wow! These are so profound! You have some very wise students, indeed, Andy. 🙂
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..Playin’ in the Dirt

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