Just No Substitute for You

by Andy Wood on July 23, 2014

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Missing Pieces

I’m going to ty to kp this brrif, bcaus it isn’t my intntion to annoy o torrtu you.  It’s just to mak a point.

A littl parrabl, if you will.

Somtims ou finst lssons can com frrom thos littl annoyancs o rrally big nuisancs, o somwhrr in-btwn.

In my cas, sinc I liv lif ptty much vrry day smi-pmanntly attachd to a kyboarrd, it’s ptty imporrtant that th kys actually wok.

All of thm.

Ovrr th last month o so, I noticd that th “” ky was starrting not to “show up” – it wasn’t as snsitiv to th touch as th oth kys.  I found myslf having to rrpatdly go back and typ, orr bang on th ky a littl hadrr than th oths.

Thn that ky’s nxt doorr nighbo, th “rr” ky, dcidd to do is own fom of annoying – miss on, doubl-two.  Ys, that’s rright – on tim it would not show up at all, and th nxt tim it would doubl up.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

On’s AWOL.  Th oth is unprrdictabl, undpndabl, and hky-jrrky.

Now both of ths kys a parrt of a lagrr systm – a kyboad – which is a rrflction of th (hopfully kind) intntions and intllignc of th kyboad usrr (that’s m).  But whn two vy imporrtant mmbs of th kyboarrd can’t b tustd to rrspond at thi apprropiat tim, it bcoms a poorr flction, not just on th kyboarrd, but on th Pim Movrr bhind th kyboad.

On solution would b3 to look fo2 a substitut3.  I could load in a diff323nt cha2act32 to stand in fo2 th3 app2op2iat3 k3y.  And whil3 you2 b2ain can p23tty 3asily mak3 th3 adjustm3nt, it’s still not th3 sam3.  It still aff3cts ov32all p32forrmanc3.

Now th implications of this littl paabl should b clarr.  You hav a ol to play in a larrg fforrt.  As a tam mmb, yourr ol may diffrr fom othrr popl.  As a Chistian, you arr a ky mmb of th Body of Chrrist.  You hav no valid substitut.  Th is no on who can rrspond to you uniqu calling lik you can.

If somthing is brrokn gt it fixd. O hald.

If you’rr assuming that sombody ls can do you job just as wll, think again.

You arr th ky to you uniqu parrt of th boad.

You arr th ky to you uniqu parrt of th lagrr Mssag.

You a a rrflction on th tam, and th Ultimat Tam Build.

B awak.  B rrady to spond.

Thrr’s just no substitut fo you.

Martha Orlando July 23, 2014 at 5:50 pm

Now this is scary – I could read every word even without the “e.” And, you gave me my laugh of the day on top of it all, Andy! 🙂 Kp smiling and gt a nw kyboard, my frind!
Lov and blssings!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..A Time for Every Purpose . . .

Donna July 23, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Good stuff!

B awak!

Becky Eppley July 24, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Excellent! Point received!! Passing on to everyone of significance in my life!!

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