31 Online Spiritual Growth Resources

by Andy Wood on January 13, 2012

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Looking for ways to kick-start your spiritual growth this year? Or perhaps gather ideas and resources for leading others in their spiritual growth?  Check out some of the sites listed here.

I had some help with this one.  Recently a group of students I was working with searched the Web to evaluate and identify their favorite websites for spiritual growth and discipleship. They evaluated the overall effectiveness of the sites they selected and considered how they could use the site in the future.

I was so delighted with the variety and enthusiasm they brought to the project, I thought I’d put together a master list and share it with you.  The brief, edited comments about the sites are mostly from one or more of the students.

Okay, here’s the official disclaimer:  I haven’t evaluated all these sites in detail.

Here’s official disclaimer #2:  While these are presumed to be doctrinally sound, you won’t have to look far to find people from different traditions, theological stripes, or whatever on the same list.  Use your Bible and your brain (in that order).

For lack of a better plan, I’m listing these in alphabetical order.  Let me know what you think.  And PLEASE let me know if you have other suggestions.  All of these sites were the result of someone doing a web search for “Christian discipleship.”  There are plenty more where these came from.  But check these out first:


A searchable Bible available in multiple versions in multiple languages, the site also has a tool that allows side-by-side comparisons of the versions of the user’s choice. It is searchable by keyword and by passage, and has a tool for studying the Bible topically as well. In addition, it has audio Bibles, reading plans and devotionals. It also has several commentaries, eBooks and Dictionaries to help in one’s study.   The website also offers several different newsletters via email.

Bible Study CD

Has enough resources to keep you occupied for years.  A vast collection of discipleship study texts, lessons, graphics and explanations. Presents a series of five ebooks, each coming in different languages.  Also has an extensive resource and tools list that includes evangelism tools, interactive discipleship lessons, apologetics training, and a collection of online Christian books.

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

More than a Christian Discipleship training ground, this site also deals with marriage, parenting, and many other topics that it labels “Life Truths.” The website is full of free training materials with books and training manuals also available for purchase. Training is categorized by beginner, intermediate, and advanced discipling.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Contains many useful tools, videos, and resources evangelism and discipleship.  Under the ministries link if you go under The Greatest Journey tab you will find information about their discipleship program.  The resources are easily accessible through a variety of media types.

Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN’s website was created to be interactive with its viewers and thus further educate them and nurture them in a relationship with Christ.  The discipleship section website contains many helpful links that would be appropriate for any adult or young adult reader. Also has interactive videos from past episodes of The 700 Club, blogs and other articles.

Christian Discipleship

Lays down the foundation clarifying everything necessary to gain a vital understanding of what it means to become a disciple of Christ.  Contains many links to extra tools and resources that can help better the discipleship process, including Bible study reference tools, devotionals, and book recommendations.

Christian Times Online

Contains a plethora of free useful tools. Page links include Bible Teachings, Christian Teen Scene, Articles, Ministries, News, Prayer, Christian Business and more. Most of the page links take you to useful articles with resources built into the writing.  Beyond the page links the website offers links to other ministry pages and useful resources such as Bible Gateway, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

Christianity Today International

The site functions as a hub connecting to devotionals, study materials, news, and more. Resources for leaders and new believers alike, including a vast array of Bible studies.  CT also has devotional sites for men, women, married couples, and people in the workplace.


Addresses the principles of discipleship which are applicable to every candidate.  Simple to navigate, easy to find the information or materials you need.  Provides all resources free of charge. The free books found in the “Discipleship Resource” section are all inspired writings to promote discipleship. By clicking on “Discipleship must reads” at the bottom of that page you are directed off site to other well know authors on the subject of discipleship.


Vast array of devotional materials from many of the most well-known pastors in the world.  Also Bible reading plans with devotional components, news and commentary from a Christian perspective, movie and book reviews, and forums for idea exchanges and discussion.


Numerous resources organized in a way in which you can have a definitive starting point. Useful for both the novice and the most seasoned Christian as well as having materials for both the teacher and student.  Laid out to easily get to the materials you most need. It has a step-by-step, higher education style layout of curriculum from 101 through 901 and even an advanced section. Each curriculum step has a set of core subjects to learn before advancing to the next step. There are also topical subjects so that persons can quickly and easily find information that they may have questions or challenges with.


An online tool created by the Willow Creek Association.  Users first take an online test (registration required), and then they receive tools and resources to help them grow in their journey.  Once you join the website and complete your assessment, you complete a series of studies called “Reveal.” One unique feature is that if a church decides to purchase a license, then all the features are free to the congregation.  Ultimately this site is most effective when used in conjunction with the church.

Got Questions?

The site includes answers to the most often asked questions concerning God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Christian life in general. If one is unable to find an answer to their particular question, there is a place to submit your question answerable via e-mail. In addition to the top frequently asked questions section, there are multiple links to other Christian based websites.

Growing in Christ

The site’s mission states, “We would like to provide you with a good set of tools to help you develop a firm foundation for your Christian faith. Each of these items is essential to help us develop a balanced Christian life.”

Jesus Walk: Beginning the Journey

An effective disciple training tool for new converts who understand the necessity of spiritual formation for a successful walk with Christ. The site also effectively meets the disciplinary needs of believers who have experienced some level of maturity in their walk but desire to go further.

Leadership Network

Provides training focused on three aspects, which are: connecting, innovating, and multiplying. Challenges leaders to take action in the place where God has called them. Offers three main categories: blog, programs, and resources. In each one of them the user can find a wide variety of tools and leadership programs for the ministry.


Offers a wide variety of low-cost biblically-based materials aimed at helping Christians grow.  Also has free resources that are available to read or available on request.

Man in the Mirror

Resources for men and those in churches who minister to men.  Contains small group studies, articles, and resources for building a men’s ministry in local churches.

Mars Hill

The Teaching Resources contains messages and resources by Pastor Rob Bell, study guides to various books for small group use, and instruction about various classic spiritual disciplines and practices. “Bearing Witness” allows you to share your testimony and read others’ testimonies on the site.

Ministry Tools Resource Center

A non-denominational website designed “for the purpose of equipping believers and followers of Jesus Christ for ministry.”  Offers training materials on a very wide range of topics from Prayer to Shepherding to Worship. Also has well developed resources to assist individuals in determining their spiritual gifts.  Most of the basic information on this website is free.


Users must first take an online assessment and then they are given a unique spiritual roadmap to assist them on their journey.  Expressly designed to help church leadership connect to their congregation and take someone from accepting Christ to becoming a deeply committed believer.

New Testament Christian

Has a lot to offer the user that wants to explore different articles on discipleship. They offer layer after layer of printed content, numerous videos and external content links to follow for more in-depth study of every topic.  Offers study guides, daily devotionals and reading plan as well as links to other websites on topics such as Christian books and music.

Pastors Webpage

From Pastor Rick Warren, this site provides tools for leaders and pastors around the world. The pastor’s toolbox link helps the user connect with other ministries from all over the United States, and provides videos, a weekly free resource, depending on the season of the year, with a great amount of material.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) maintains an extremely comprehensive set of resources that cover global evangelism, apologetics, spiritual disciplines, and general training. Discipleship resources are largely free of charge.  Resources are professionally produced and available in a variety of formats for appeal to the widest audience possible.


Founded by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline, “Renovare promotes a balanced vision and practical strategy of spiritual renewal to encourage individuals and churches to develop renewed, sustainable, and enriched spiritual lives.” The website contains a wealth of material, both for sale and free, related to corporate worship, renewal and discipling.

Sacred Charge

Requires registration to gain full access to the site.  Once the reader accepts “the sacred charge,” which is a call to live a lifestyle of prayer, fasting and pursuit of the Lord, a whole world of discipleship tools are opened up.  This includes links to resources, prayer gathering locations and times, articles, e-school curriculum, members, groups, forums, etc. The resource section is full of free sermons, lectures and a variety of teaching collections surrounding spiritual disciplines and Christian discipleship.

Sammy Tippit Ministries

In addition to information about Sammy Tippit’s various ministries, the site contains substantial devotionals, past broadcasts available via iTunes, and an area for encouragement which linked to a classics library, past revival messages, and information on prayer.

Simple Discipleship

From the site: “a values-based simple church discipleship process that helps church leaders effectively design the disciple-making ministries of the church. Written from a cross-denominational perspective, the process serves as an overlay or matrix providing leaders with the tools to energize and improve discipleship.”   In addition to products for sale, the site offers several blog sites managed by Dr. Tom Cocklereece.

Simply Youth Ministry Tools

As the name suggests, contains tools with good biblical content, aimed at a specific niche.  Offers articles and video resources aimed as helping youth ministry leaders teach, disciple, and communicate with both students and volunteers.


Contains many discipleship tools such as the “Prayer Plan,” “Suggested Books,” and the “Bible Reading Plan.” No matter whether you are someone who does not know a thing about God or, a spiritually mature Christ follower who has been living out the way for many years, you can find resources that will improve you journey to be more like Christ.

Walk This Way

An “extreme discipleship web-zine” by Cody Smith.  Contains articles, offers a daily email, and other resources.  Challenges readers to a discipleship process, not just a destination or program.

Becky January 13, 2012 at 11:54 am

Great list!! Thanks!
Let me draw your attention to BlueLetterBible.org it allows you to search by passage or keyword in a huge variety of translations – which is great when you can only remember a snippet of a verse and are not sure which translation you’re remembering it from!!

It also has other study materials and hymns that have connections to that particular passage. Indeed a treasure for one who studies the Word!

Andy Wood January 13, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Great source, Becky. I’ve used it myself.

Evang. Melanie Harington August 28, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Good news and websites, Pastor. God Bless your family.

Lara Dillinger Lindeman June 7, 2014 at 9:05 pm

Thanks for the list! Here is another one: http://theresurgence.com/

The Resurgence: A Ministry of Mars Hill. It is a different site than the Mars Hill referenced above, and I have used it to research various topics and issues. From what I can tell, it is sound theologically!

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