Dateline Barcelona, 1992.  The Summer Olympics are hosting the first-ever competition of the truly-best in their respective nations, as professionals and amateurs are all invited to the party.  The United States has assembled a collection of NBA-plus-one stars that may be the best roster to ever take a tip-off.  And their nickname:  “The Dream Team.” 

This isn’t about basketball.  It’s about teams, and how you need a “dream team” of your own.  Not the kind the wins medals, but the kind that empowers lives.  While our culture idolizes the individual, the truth is, you were designed by creation and redesigned by gifts and talents to need the contributions of others in order to maximize your potential.  I’d like to show you how to go about doing it. [click to continue…]


Set a Spell!

by Andy Wood on February 13, 2010

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Watching TV for the last 70 years has given us a steady stream of midwestern news reporters, California actors, a Motown pop culture, and other invasions of Yankee influence.  Of course, we Southerners have made a few inroads of our own; I don’t think we can fool many northerners into thinking that grits grows on trees any more. 

Bottom line is, our nation is slowly losing its regionalism.  By and large, that’s O.K.  Oh, you can still tell generally where a person hails from by hearing them talk.  But sadly, some of our most picturesque phrases and words have all but disappeared.  Not long ago I actually heard a young mother at the hospital asking her daughter if she could “tote” her food tray. [click to continue…]