Ram wearing spectacles.

Happy (Traditional) Tax Day!  So… Stick with me on this.

Last week, in news you probably missed, some engineering experts sounded a major alarm to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The subject: Self-driving cars.

The concern:  We’re not ready yet.

The evidence:  Unresolved technical issues, including some accidents.

The request:  Please, Dear Government Agency slow down your aggressive approach to issuing guidance for technology that is not ready for guidance yet.

That seems reasonable. Safe.  Wise for someone whose name has the word “Safety” in it.

That creates some tension for the agency, however. After all, they have a job to do – a service to the American people.  So Mark Rosekind, Director of the NHTSA, commented:

“Everybody asks, ‘When are they (self-driving cars) going to be ready?’ I keep saying they’re not coming; they are here now.”

Then he added this little revealing gem: [click to continue…]

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Barney Fife is Alive and Well

by Andy Wood on October 9, 2009

in 100 Words, Photos

sidewalkThis is what government does.

The distant sidewalk:  built to code when the dentists built their exquisite office next door.

The near sidewalk: also built to code two years later on our site.

I’m sure to somebody in an office somewhere, the changes made sense at the time.

I’m also sure that somebody in that office will decide that one of us (probably us) has to fix the problem. 

At our expense, of course.

Multiply this times trillions, and you’ll understand why some people are wary of the Federal government.

Not sure that’s what they meant by “promoting domestic tranquility.”

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Hanukkuh Hams – Ladies’ Room Edition

by Andy Wood on July 17, 2008

in 100 Words

Toilet Restroom Sign

Here’s what happens when “public servants” invade the local ladies’ room.

Hey, rules are rules…

Somewhere there is a bureaucrat, who takes us all for fools,

And has a bit of brainlessness interpreting the rules.

He thinks that women everywhere would certainly be blessed

To see their neighbor face-to-face when they sit down to “rest.”

This gives new meaning to the phrase we men think sounds so wrong:

“I’m going to the ladies’ room, you want to come along?”

So if Point Loma, California is your local town,

I’d tell them this is something that you won’t take sitting down!

(photo by  kinpatsu, taken inside an Ace Hardware Store in Point Loma, CA)

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