Be the Light

I don’t think I’d have to argue long to convince you we’re living in a dark world.  Tune in your favorite news source and it seems that it’s a daily reminder that whatever was dark yesterday has only gotten darker today, and – get this – the only “fix” for it is to change the rules and make yesterday’s “dark” today’s “light.”

Pardon my cynicism, but pay attention to what everybody is calling “evil” today. All other things being equal, a decade from now people will openly declare it as “good” or “right” or necessary.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be surprised that the world has its own answers to the messes it’s in.  Even now, in the United States of Iowa, one Democrat and 72 Republicans are mixing it up with the locals, presenting themselves as the light of the world.

I think you know better. [click to continue…]



This is for the gifted speaker or preacher who just can’t seem to get his point across.  It’s for the exceptional teacher whose students this time just aren’t getting it.

This is for the counselor who isn’t making any difference whatsoever, or the business innovator who’s just run out of ideas as his organization is falling into the abyss.

This is for the genius sailor who just met up with the perfect storm.

It’s for the career fisherman who’s fished all night and caught nothing.

You may need to brace for impact.

You may need to prepare to be disturbed… not by how hard things are to you at your point of genius, but by how senselessly easy they are for Jesus when He shows up. [click to continue…]


There seems to be a for Dummies book for everything – over 1,600 titles and growing.  They must be doing something right.  For 20 years, Wiley has published “a reference for the rest of us” covering such far-ranging titles as running a bar, acne, Windows, and wikis.  There’s one for Christian prayer and yes, one for leadership.  The premise for each of the books is always the same:  keep it simple and clear, offer cheat sheets, keep it light-hearted, and give easy-to-comprehend “get in, get out” tips.

With all due respect, maybe it’s time for a different approach.  Maybe instead of presuming ignorance and moving up from there, somebody should presume that he or she is writing to geniuses.

They just may not know it yet.

Nowhere is that more real than in the area of leadership.  Often both leaders and non-leaders approach the subject as if becoming a leader is a power we gain to overcome weaknesses, information we gather to overcome ignorance, or favor we gather to overcome anonymity.

But what if you already had the power, the understanding, or the favor?  What if you’re already a leader, but just didn’t know it because nobody ever seems to recognize your unique genius?  What if you’re beating your head against the wall trying to get better in an area where you routinely stink it up – all the while ignoring or running from areas of your greatest power and influence?

Maybe it really is time for a different approach.  How about Leadership for Geniuses? [click to continue…]


Cohen is an expert crawler. 

He can cross a room lickety-split on his hands and knees. 

He’s an awful walker. 

He’s learning.  But why risk injury when he can get there safely on all fours?

His parents don’t treat his crawling ability as a special gift, however. 

It’s just a skill that helps him until the greater abilities arrive.

Same goes for you and God.  [click to continue…]


Financial NewsRecession.  It’s the word on everybody’s mind these days.  Congress, in an election year, is scrambling to give people some of their money back in order to avoid it (which begs the obvious question…).  All the media, the experts, and the average Joes are all talking about some aspect of it.  Somebody did a poll a couple of days ago, and it seems the average American believes if we’d just get out of Iraq, the recession would get better.  Uh, OK, I guess.

What most of us are interested in is, can I keep what’s happening in a national and global economy from happening to me?  Yes!  But first it’s important to understand that economists are measuring only one thing.

What to recession-proof your life?  Get a bigger definition of the word, “economy.”  Try this one as I first heard it from Jack TaylorEconomy is the exchange of all the commodities of life. 

If you’re finding yourself a bit short on cash, or if you’re worried about it, why not try a different kind of currency?  Here are seven ways you can be wealthy, with or without money:

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