What in God’s Name Does He Want?

by Andy Wood on October 15, 2020

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It’s a common question – What is God’s will for my life?

Here’s a starting point to explore that… What is God’s will for EVERY life? Re-reading what Jesus had to say in Matthew 6 about prayer, here’s what I see…

He wants to reward me. For my giving, my praying, and my fasting. But He will only reward me when I do what I do for the right reason.

He wants my quiet time. My solo time. That time when no one is looking. He wants me to talk to Him then. When no one else would notice but Him.

He wants to meet my needs. He already knows what they are, and He wants me to trust those needs to Him. Explicitly. But simply. Not a lot of nonstop babbling. Not an open show of “prayer noise.”

He wants to be hallowed. He wants me to set Him apart from all other loves – to revere His name above all other names.

He wants to advance His Kingdom and to use me to do so.

He wants to accomplish His will, and to use me to do that, too.

He wants to provide for me, even in the simplest of details. But he wants to do so in a way that I acknowledge comes from Him. He wants me to ask for the big things and little things.

He wants to forgive my sins and for me to forgive the sins of people who have wronged me.

He wants to empower me to avoid temptations in the first place and to prevail in spiritual warfare.

He wants to openly reward me for what He sees me doing in secret.

Pursue that – what HE wants – and your unique way will appear.

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