The YES Manifesto

by Andy Wood on March 24, 2018

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I just want to be the guy who says yes.

I want to say yes to the character and call of God. I want to so live my life that His faithfulness shines like the morning sun. I want other people to have confidence in Him because of what they see in me.

I want to say yes to a better tomorrow. I want to charge into the future with expectancy and imagination. I want to tip my hat to the things that make us afraid, then kick the hell out of fears that paralyze us. I want to embrace a freer, more joyful horizon for myself and my world, then take as many people as I can in that direction.

I want to say yes to other people’s dreams. To help them believe in the possible, hope for a better tomorrow, and love the things that matter most.

A broken world loads us down under the weight of the resistance – the weight of no. But with the right support, you can overcome that resistance. That’s the kind of support I want to be – to empower you to say yes to the direction your dreams are taking you.

I want to say yes when someone asks for my help. I may not always have the resources to be your solution. But I can at least cheer you on. Or connect you to the sources you need.

This is different from being a “yes man”. If you can’t say yes to everything, then you have to say no to some things. To reach your highest vision, you must say no to the trivia, the baggage, the destructive and the addictive. I want to help people confront the things that may hinder them from their most significant yes. To say no today so you can embrace a higher, more purposeful vision, purpose, and mission.

The essence of living abundantly and purposefully for me is to say yes…

Yes to the character of God (that’s faith).

Yes to the future (that’s hope).

Yes to the people whose lives I am blessed to touch (that’s love).

I will have finished well if people can carve on my tombstone with integrity, “He said Yes.”

Martha Orlando March 25, 2018 at 11:31 am

Faith, hope and love . . . I say, “Yes!”
Blessings, Andy, and have a Happy Easter!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..Come to the Water

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