What I’m Learning from My Students – Part 8

by Andy Wood on March 25, 2016

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Beautiful single woman with perfect teeth and skin and a nice smile(Celebrating Jesus Christ Edition)

One of the joys of teaching in Christian universities is that I get to read the research and reflections of students who freely and openly follow Jesus Christ. They are still learning from Him and in offering their insights (almost always for a grade!), they continue to teach me.

In this edition of quotes from actual papers and assignments from students from all over the world, I celebrate the life, death, resurrection, return, and Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Read on… you’ll be as blessed and challenged as I was.


Jesus led with shocking humility.

–Hannah Jarred


Jesus employed many different leadership styles throughout His ministry.  His style of choice was not simply servanthood, and to posit such usurps the power and scope of His modern leadership influence.

-Gary Brown


Jesus does not rattle Peter, He demolishes him. He repudiates Peter’s identity as an Apostle by saying, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me because you’re not thinking about God’s concerns, but man’s” (Matthew 16:23, HCSB).  Peter’s interpretation of the Messiah was shattered.

–Bob Gentry


Studying the culture helps to bridge the gap between religion and the world. People in the world should see that Christians appreciate their liberty of expression, and use it as motivation to serve in return. If Jesus turned his head against the man Legion because he spoke in corruption, how would healing take place? Patience is needed in order to be of service to those who do not believe.

–Tanisha Burke


Leaders that do not have Jesus to compare themselves to will always think more of themselves than they should, and their pride will lead to their destruction.

–Monekeo Allen


One unhappy follower and a couple of liars was all it took for Jesus’s execution (Matthew 26:14-16).

–Tad Borowski


As a leader I should point the people under me to the coming glory of God. That there is an end to all of this madness, and it is found in Jesus’ return.

–Will Richardson


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