Maybe It’s Time for a New Banner

by Andy Wood on June 24, 2015

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(A Brief Conversation about symbols and change and heritage and hate and other awkward things…)

What’s wrong with it?  It represents who I am.

It also represents some things you don’t want to be.

It’s my heritage!

Some would say it’s hatred.

Not to me!  It’s about love and a culture of warmth and hospitality.

Maybe. But to others it’s the emblem under which their ancestors were tortured or killed.

So I’m supposed to deny my identity because of some fanatics or fools?

No.  But maybe it’s time for a new banner.

But what speaks more clearly than a cross?

Something that says you’ve truly knelt at the cross.  How about a rising Morning Star?


“All this helps us know that what the early preachers said was true. You will do well to listen to what they have said. Their words are as lights that shine in a dark place. Listen until you understand what they have said. Then it will be like the morning light which takes away the darkness. And the Morning Star (Christ) will rise to shine in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19, NLV).

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