Had Any Opposition Lately?

by Andy Wood on July 18, 2014

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Made an amazing discovery the other day.

Did you know that not everybody is filled with joy when you decide to step out in faith, or take your relationship with God seriously?

Did you notice that the whole world seems to push back when you decide to make a major change for the good in your life?

That spiritual excellence irritates religious people?

That our slip-ups, foul-ups, and whassups are nothing new – we’re even creatures of habit with the devil?

That your biggest enemy is often yourself?

Opposition (pause here to sigh).  Come on, Lord!  Why can’t something be easy?

Truth is, some things are. 

Mediocrity is easy.

So is apathy.

It’s easy to do nothing, and easier still to take cheap shots at those who are doing something.

It’s easy to quit sometimes.

Easy to imitate great people or great organizations without discovering the true source(s) of their greatness.

It’s easy to look back and groan, look ahead and whine, look around and complain.

If you haven’t had any opposition lately, maybe it’s time for a check-up.

Maybe you’re settling.

Or growing weary in well-doing.

Or chasing impotent dreams.

Or giving birth to a big, bouncing baby bitter attitude.

Maybe it’s time to pick a new fight.  For Jesus, of course.

If you are facing opposition, take heart!  You’re in some pretty good company.

In fact, it would blow your mind to know how many people very near you right now are staring down the wrong end of the devil’s give-up gun.

What’s more, some of the greatest people in the Bible and in history faced incredible resistance.

You, my sweet friend, are no exception.

So don’t be surprised by the opposition.

Stay dressed for the battle, eyes on the prize.

Remember, there is no weapon formed against you that Jesus has not already overcome.

He will have the last laugh.

And you’ll be laughing, too.

Martha Orlando July 18, 2014 at 3:35 pm

Amen, Andy, amen!!!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..A Time for Every Purpose . . .

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