Moving at the Speed of Life

by Andy Wood on May 16, 2012

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This image disturbs me on many levels.

Yeah, it really does get faster and faster.  There are more birthdays to remember (or forget).

(Let’s see… when was my son-in-law’s?  Today?  Tomorrow?)

I’m definitely Moving at the Speed of Life.

There are more demands – many of them self-imposed.  I’m at that point in life where I know I can get more done – just sleep an hour less or (my favorite) multi-task.  After all, time’s wasting! I’m smarter now than I’ve ever been, I have lots of unfinished business, and I can sleep when I’m dead.


Just keep Moving at the Speed of Life.

There are more opportunities or distractions, depending on how you interpret them.  I’m at a point in my life where I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I have and, truth be told, a little scared to say no when another one presents itself.  I’m old and scarred enough to recognize there are no guarantees, and still young enough to say yes when the right ones come along.

I only get one of these, and I’m still Moving at the Speed of Life.



(Okay, who said “Tylenol?”)

Yank the cord, slam on the brakes, and wait a minute.

Is movement the only way you gauge the value of your life?  Is activity or income or to-lists or productions or fulfilling somebody else’s expectations the only way to keep score?

I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that.

Not All Worthwhile Movement is Fast.

This is more like it.

Sometimes Moving at the Speed of Life is a slow dance.  Or a trip to the back porch or the balcony or the pond.  Sometimes it really does mean saying no to the temptation to hurry so you can listen to the doves and try to figure out what the blackbirds did to get the blue jays so upset.  (Hmmm… maybe what has them upset is the tempting, swirling yellow tail of Thomas G. Glavine, the deadly cat.)

Sorry.  Where was I?

Trees have rings because life has seasons of movement – some fast, some slow.  And those trees that live for a long time learn to flow and grow whatever the season.  So should you.

Not All Motion is Movement.

Sometimes the greatest progress can be found in the stillness and the quiet of time spent in prayer, or listening for the gentle whispers of your Heavenly Father, Friend, and Comforter.  After all, whatever the speed at which life carries you, the destination is clear – you and I are headed for eternity.

Some people say this is the dress rehearsal.  I disagree.  You may have a lot of learning and do-overs, but there is too much at stake to pretend that this life is just a practice session of some sort.  The clock is ticking, eternity is calling.  This is real life.  But the whole point of eternal life is not to live a long time.  It’s to share that life with your Creator and Redeemer.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal.  It’s a down payment.  And you can’t move well at the speed of life until you recognize where the speed of life is pointing.

You and Me, Them and Us

Sorry to interrupt your fantasies of solo flight, but what gives moving at the speed of life its character and texture is the fact that you aren’t moving alone.  There’s a you-and-me, them-and-us rhythm to life that adds significance and the potential for great, great joy.

Pity the fool who flies through life in pursuit of something called success, and has no one to share it with, or no one to enjoy the ride with.

Pity even more the fool whose pursuit of pleasure leaves him wasted and loveless – a consumer and user, but so, so lonely.

Moving at the speed of life means learning to move together.  Sometimes fast.  Sometimes slow.  Always together.  Always thoughtful.  Aware, even when apart.  Listening and talking.  Waiting and hurrying.  But always engaged on some level.

Guides for the Journey

The good news about moving at the speed of life is that you aren’t left to your own devices and wisdom.  You have guides along the way.  Some are your “Friends in High Places” – those saints who have gone before you who leave a lasting legacy of faith and wisdom.  Some are those personal guides who can teach you lessons, warn you of danger, encourage you to keep going, or challenge you to take that leap of faith.

Be prepared.  Your guides may show up in places where you least expect them.  Teachers often get wisdom from students.  Complete strangers may sometimes speak as with the voice of God.  And children?  Well, let’s just say they have a way of completely redefining what we know as truth for those who have ears to hear.

Then there are those mentors-for-life.  The men or women we look to over the long haul who can always help us find direction or wisdom, protection or peace.  More importantly, they are available and willing to help us by giving us a part of their time – their lives – to make sense of ours.


Yeah, it really does get faster and faster.  But Moving at the Speed of Life can also get richer and richer if you let it.  When you recognize the season you’re in and adjust accordingly, remember your direction, relate faithfully and consistently and respect the wisdom of your fellow travelers, you’re in for quite a ride.

There really is joy in the journey.

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