No Perfect Time

by Andy Wood on February 24, 2012

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Life is filled with plenty of things worth waiting for…

The answer to a prayer…

The fulfillment of a promise…

The completion of a process….

The realization of a dream…

These and many more are examples of the rewards of waiting for what is precious.

That said, there is one thing that isn’t worth the wait – now or ever.

It’s time to stop waiting for the perfect time.

All you’re doing is believing a lie told to you by your own fear and waiting for something that doesn’t exist.

How many opportunities have been squandered, how many relationships lost or damaged because somebody was waiting for the perfect moment?

The perfect moment to say how you feel…

The perfect moment to pick up the phone and ask for help…

The perfect moment to launch the new business, pursue a new relationship, or leave a toxic job…

Sorry to mess with your image of how it’s supposed to go down.  But for the most precious of things, there is no perfect time – only opportunities seized or opportunities missed.

There is no perfect time to express your commitment to the people or causes, including the Lord, that mean the most to you.  Better to look foolish for recommitting yourself a hundred times than to leave room for apathy or boredom.

There is no perfect time to fight to hold on to cherished relationships you may find slipping through your fingers.  Better to lose a friendship or love you fought to save than to build your future on silent assumptions or wishful thinking.

There is no perfect time to confess the truth of your feeling and understanding.  Better to risk saying something stupid or clumsy than to live with a lifetime of regret for what you will never get a chance to say again.

There is no perfect time to show the people you love most that you have them in your heart.  Better to say it and show it and know that they know it than to waste another second leaving them wondering because you assumed they knew.

There is no perfect time to admit your need or incompleteness.  Better to risk looking pitifully human and get the help you need than to set yourself up for colossal failure because you were too proud or fearful to expose your weakness.

There is no perfect time to leave your loneliness or come out of isolation.  Better to reach out and feel rejected or misunderstood than to remain trapped in an emotional cave of pain and shame.

There is no perfect time to get alone and renew your First Love.  Better to risk being misunderstood by the people who are constantly demanding your time and attention than to neglect the presence of the One who promised He would never leave or forsake you.

There is no perfect time to take the initiative to reach for your dreams.  Better to reach for the stars and end up with the moon than to ensure failure by never trying at all.

There is no perfect time to decide not to give up.   Better to risk a broken heart or an exhausted life than to live as a fickle lapdog to discouragement and fear.


Wait on the Lord.  Wait on the process.  Wait to see the fruit of your labor and faith.  But don’t spend a lifetime reeling in remorse or hiding in a shell of the person you could have been because you thought the time had to be perfect to stick your neck out.  The only perfect time is the one you’re living in.

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