The Soul-Anchoring Moment

by Andy Wood on August 17, 2011

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It takes time and intention, this Soul-Anchoring Moment,

And a willingness to wait for those fleeting experiences

That are tomorrow’s soul roots.

(Did I mention a willingness to wait?)

A Soul-Anchoring Moment…

Maybe it’s the possibility of holding all of your scattered grandchildren in one day.

Or a chance to hear again the sounds common to your birthplace

And sigh with satisfaction at the most trivial and most special of memories.

Maybe it’s a chance to wander through yesterday’s woods

Or boldly go toward compelling new visions…

To remember those who were planters of forever in our hearts,

Or to love familiar faces with fresh expressions of delight…

To believe again today

What you know in your heart from yesterday

And wait for in faith tomorrow…

This is the Soul-Anchoring Moment.

Time will relentlessly tick away the hours and days

In mindless busyness and ungrateful haste,

Until you intentionally come away again to that extended place of quiet rest –

Near to the heart of God –

Until you return to those places of spirit and soul

Where you find again your ability

To run and not be weary…

This is the Soul-Anchoring Moment.

It takes time-grounded faith in a forever-faithful God, this Soul-Anchoring Moment,

And a willingness to wait for a thousand sunsets if need be

For new vision, strength, and courage.

(Did I mention a willingness to wait?)

But the nourished roots and buoyed wings are so worth the wait.

Touching heart-to-Heart in mercy,

And sharing soul-to-Whole in truth…

This is the deep sigh of the satisfied heart…

This is the Soul-Anchoring Moment.

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Ivy August 18, 2011 at 11:30 am

Wonderful!! I’ve had a few of those along the way in the last few years.My first spiritual director referred to them as touchstones. Thanks for posting this.

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