So What are YOU Worth?

by Andy Wood on August 19, 2011

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Years ago a group of scientists determined that the minerals and chemicals within our bodies were worth about $.99.  Factor in inflation, and that’s probably somewhere around $3.50 or so today.

Viewed in another way, however, somebody estimated that the energy production of the human body, based upon the number of atoms within a 150-pound person, could generate enough atomic energy to be valued at $85 billion.

A hundred and fifty pounds, huh?  That would make me worth, hmmm… well, never mind.

The lesson here?  Don’t let a scientist try to figure out how much you’re worth!

While you’re at it, don’t build your value on what anybody else tells you.

Not the guys and dolls in Coolvillle.

Not your teachers, important as they are (remember the infamous fourth-grade teacher who send Thomas Edison home, saying he was too stupid to learn?).

Not even the people who love you most, and here’s why: The more you are loved by somebody, the more you tend to expect unconditional approval from them.  When they do express frustration or disapproval, it weighs a whole lot more on your heart.  I once met a 56-year-old woman who said, “Andy, just once I wish I could hear my [78-year-old] mother say I’d done something right.”

So where do you look to find your value?  Here’s a suggestion: Try God!

Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to say that.  But think about it.  How much does God say you’re worth?

  • You’re worth His setting you completely free from the condemnation of your guilty past.
  • You’re worth His breaking the chains of sin and death.
  • You’re worth His sending His own Son in the likeness of your sinful flesh as an offering for your sin.
  • You’re worth His not sparing His only Son, but willingly giving Him up for you.
  • You’re worth His overpowering the wages of sin so that you could live in righteousness and power.
  • You’re worth His giving you a spirit of adoption and making you His forever child.
  • You’re worth His giving you a pet name – Abba – by which to call Him.
  • You’re worth His making you his heir, and fellow heir with Christ.
  • You’re worth His offer of a promised future of eternal glory, reserved in heaven for you.
  • You’re worth His searching you out, knowing you, and pursuing you as the object of His most tender affection.
  • You’re worth His intimate understanding of the yearning of your heart, and His ability to translate that somehow into a prayer.
  • You’re worth His relentless pursuit of that which is good, acceptable, and perfect in your life.
  • You’re worth His establishing a clearly-defined purpose for your life and seeing to it that His purpose is fulfilled.
  • You’re worth His willingness to share his beauty and glory with you.
  • You’re worth the joy He has in freely giving you all things.
  • You’re worth His powerful hand, gripping the throat of any who would accuse, condemn, or discourage you.
  • You are worth the investment He has made to protect you with spiritual armor, a shield of faith, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
  • You’re worth His continued willingness to call you to an intimate relationship with Himself.

No wonder Paul said, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

How much does it make you worth that the eternal God has poured out that kind of favor on you?

What else can He do to convince you that your value isn’t determined by your body type, your gender, your performance, or your popularity?  Are you sure you want to talk to me about those mean people, or your guilty conscience, or the boo boo economy?

What are you worth?

I guess it depends on who’s buying.

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