What Every Leader Needs to Succeed

It’s one thing to lead people or a team. It’s another thing to lead leaders. What do you do if you’re in charge of an organization and have developing leaders who answer to you? It’s the difference between leading people directly and leading through others. And often those leaders have great potential and are in the process of development.

One thing that is helpful to me is to see examples of this in scripture. Jesus, for example, did more than lead disciples. He developed them to lead others as He prepared them to advance His kingdom.

Another great example is the way the Lord prepared Joshua to advance into the Promised Land. After 40-plus years of floundering and wandering, it was time for a new day. But before the Lord prepared the nation, He prepared the leader!

In the Lord’s instructions to Joshua, He addressed issues every leader needs to succeed. Some of those issues are personal; others are organizational. Take a look:

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Such an ordinary, blue-collar word.

Industrial strength, geared for protection and defense, holding commands attention – not by rising to dizzying new heights of adventure or romance, but by remaining ruthlessly still…



Boring? Only when, in your desperation for a change, any change will do.

Oppressive? Only when you think the grass is greener somewhere else and you can’t get there.

Holding is a sign that somewhere there is someone or something that is stronger than you are – at least for the moment. You may be held back by your fears. Or held safely by that seat belt and airbag. Or held in the arms of someone who can comfort your heart.

But sooner or later fears subside. Belts are unbuckled. And people, however well-meaning, let go.

But there are everlasting arms and an all-powerful Strength that promises to hold you in love and peace long after all other sources are exhausted or used up.  [click to continue…]

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TreadmillI hate maintenance.  This is in defiance to everything my father faithfully tried to instill in me.  I want the dishes to morph into the dishwasher, the oil to change itself, and the lawn to live, but not grow.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to get a reminder in the mail that I had an appointment with a treadmill, about 11 electrodes, and a sadistic nurse with a razor and sandpaper.  “Stress EKG.”  Ha!  I don’ need no stinkin’ treadmill to tell me I got stress.

It’s not about the treadmill, mind you.  I get on one about five times a year, whether I need to or not.  It’s about getting on the treadmill at the doctor’s office when I haven’t been on one at the gym in a while.  I needed some time to work out before the exam so the exam wouldn’t make me look like I hadn’t been working out.  Sort of like cleaning the house before the house cleaner comes.

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Every Leaning Side

by Andy Wood on December 27, 2007

in Enlarging Your Capacity, LV Cycle

Pisa(Cool things I’ve heard somebody pray, #1…)

Joyce is an editor for New Hope publishing. I’m working with her on a book project, and last week we got together by phone to talk about it.

Joyce is also a prayer warrior. And before we did anything of a business nature, she wanted to pray. “You go first,” she said. So I committed our time and the project to the Lord, asked for His direction on our conversation, etc. – the kinds of predictable things anyone would ask the Lord’s blessing on.

Then Joyce prayed.

And I went back to school. [click to continue…]

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