Flying Paper Airplane

Anytime something feels amazing, or meets a deep desire, it’s only natural to crave more.

It changes your state a little.

It alters your mood.

In short, you’re intoxicated by it.

And “it” can be anything… [click to continue…]

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Last night the Texas Rangers won their first-ever postseason series.  

And they celebrated with ginger ale. 


Because Josh Hamilton, the Rangers’ star outfielder, graciously refuses to go anywhere near alcohol. 

When the Rangers clinched their division in Oakland back in September, as beer and champagne flowed in the visitors’ locker room, Josh changed in a side office and left the clubhouse to go speak to a church group in Oakland about his life and testimony. 

But last night, after winning the division series – something the Texas Rangers (and former Washington Senators) had never done – the team made sure it would be a team celebration. [click to continue…]

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