CoachQuick question:  What do Tiger Woods, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and Rafael Nadal all have in common?

Quick answer: Other than being in the top tier of their games, they all have a coach. Back in the day, it was often said, “Even Michael Jordan has a coach.”

How about you?  Do you need a coach? Do you have one?

The short answers are yes, and yes.  Everybody needs coaches and you have them, whether you realize it or not. You may not be utilizing your coaches to their maximum potential, but you’re most likely following somebody’s guidance. And in just a minute I’ll show you how to recognize who you turn to for coaching, at least on an informal level.

But first, a word from the Lone Ranger… [click to continue…]


Photo ablum 2“Hi-ya Ang.”

 I hate it when people call me that.  Feels like Mayberry somehow, and only two people have ever gotten away with it.  Lacey Parker was one of ‘em.

Lacey was a nut job at times.  The whole (short) time I knew her, it was obvious she saw through a different set of lenses.  Or maybe lived on a completely different planet.  [click to continue…]

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