Jackson and CohenAs you probably could tell from the last post, we got to spend a week with three of our grandsons last week here at our house.  You may or may not know that I also spend 95% of my working time at home.

Do you see a potential conflict there?

The week was predictably (and wonderfully) less-than-productive.

Routinely as I would try to “escape” to the bedroom or office to get some work done, one of them would find me.  The sweetheart crawler, the scary-smart walker, and the funny, nonstop talker.  One wanted me to hold him, one wanted me to see and notice him, and one wanted me to engage in conversation – endless, looped conversation. [click to continue…]


What would you do if you were Jimmy?  You’re caught in a dilemma because your best friend is a hood.  Riff-raff.  Wrong side of the tracks.  Your parents say you can’t visit him.  And he’d do just as well to stay on his side of town, too.  But there’s something special about him; that’s why he’s your best friend.  He doesn’t have much, but he does have heart and passion. 

And a cheap, second-hand guitar he doesn’t even know how to tune.

You come from a good family, with something of a pedigree.  You live in one of the music capitals of America, and your cousin is a famous country musician.

Maybe you can still be his friend – this kid some people called “white trash.”

Maybe you can introduce your friend to your cousin.  Maybe your cousin can cross the tracks in your place.

That’s what Jimmy did.  [click to continue…]

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