Let it Go

by Andy Wood on October 24, 2011

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My friend Cindy Hughlett wrote the following song, based on a true story, about a sensitive but timely issue.  The folks at Studio 84 Productions here in Lubbock produced the video.

You or someone you know is faced with the issue of bullying or abuse.  Please help me pass this important message along.

Meanwhile, I’m including the lyrics below.  And if you’d like to see more about Cindy’s latest album “Stories, Hope and Lullabies,” click here.  Cindy was the 2010 CGC Choice Award winner for Female Vocal Artist of the Year.

Make sure you watch all the way to the end… [click to continue…]


How do you respond when you are told every day what a nobody you are?  When the people who are supposed to be your friends and co-learners in school instead ruthlessly call you demeaning names, and you feel you have no one to talk to?

Brenda Poage gets that.  And Brenda is a somebody that you need to know.  Wife and mother, author and visionary, Brenda – like most of us – is who she is because of how she has responded to some painful experiences in her life.

Brenda is a LifeVestor.

Kids can be cruel, but you don’t have to explain that to Brenda.  From the time she started school in her small Texas town, she was mercilessly bullied by other kids in school.  Having to play academic catch-up required that Brenda attend remedial classes. And she became the brunt of some pretty mean name calling and bullying.

So when educators and parents today start quoting statistics that as many as half of all school children are bullied in some way, Brenda does more than raise her hand as “Exhibit A.”  She did something about it.  And that’s how Ima Nobody Becomes a Somebody was born. [click to continue…]