Let it Go

by Andy Wood on October 24, 2011

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My friend Cindy Hughlett wrote the following song, based on a true story, about a sensitive but timely issue.  The folks at Studio 84 Productions here in Lubbock produced the video.

You or someone you know is faced with the issue of bullying or abuse.  Please help me pass this important message along.

Meanwhile, I’m including the lyrics below.  And if you’d like to see more about Cindy’s latest album “Stories, Hope and Lullabies,” click here.  Cindy was the 2010 CGC Choice Award winner for Female Vocal Artist of the Year.

Make sure you watch all the way to the end…


Living a lie, there’s no use denying,

Hurting inside, pain you refuse to show.

Gotta let it go.

Hungry for real love as you seek acceptance,

So you settle for less ‘cause you don’t seem

To know how to let it go.

Let it go, let the healing river flow,

Let it go to the One who loves you so.


Bullied by other when you were much younger.

You find yourself raging, angry, out of control.

Gotta let it go.

You try to fight it, try to do better.

So you bottle it up inside and still feel so alone.

Gotta let it go.

Let it go, let the healing river flow.

Let it go to the One who loves you so.

Let it go, God will take it far as the east is from the west.

Let it go before it claims you time to put this pain to rest.

Know that you’re loved and that you are accepted.

So the days when you fall don’t sit and self criticize.

Get up and let it go.

Good-bye bondage, so long despair.

With Christ as your Savior, now you have someone who cares for you.

So let it go.

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