by Andy Wood on April 4, 2012

in Gamblers, Life Currency, Love, LV Alter-egos

One of you will betray Me.

No way.

Yes, way.

Not one of us.

Yes, one of you.

But we heard you teach in the synagogues and on the hillsides.

Yes, and one of you will choose to live otherwise.

But we saw you perform miracles, like feeding the five-thousand!

Yes, and one of you who carried a basket of leftovers will himself be carried away.

But we healed the sick together with Your power!

Yes, one of you, who healed the sick with My power, will betray me.

But we cast out demons in Your name!

Yes, one of you, who cast out demons in My name, fill fall under demonic influence himself.

But we have left all to follow You these years!

Yes, and one of you will use that to betray Me.

But You have loved us!

Yes, and I love him, but he will betray me nonetheless.

But You just stooped to wash our feet!

Yes, and I washed his. But he wouldn’t let me wash his heart.

But we are your friends!

Yes, and only a friend can betray a friend.

My God, how can this happen?

The same way it always happens. Satan lures the heart of a man away by his own desires and ambitions. Then he winds up doing something painfully stupid.

What could someone possibly want when they already have You?

Oh, it could be several things. Pleasure sometimes. Money. To inflate their pride.

My Lord, is it I? (Please tell me it isn’t me. Could I be capable of that?)

Of course you could be. Otherwise it wouldn’t be betrayal. But here’s how you’ll know. When I dip the bread in the sauce, he’ll be the one I hand it to.

You’re going to break bread with him, knowing he will betray You?

Yes, and he will accept it, just as he has accepted everything else I have offered him.

But what could he possibly do to betray you?

Kiss me on the cheek.

Seriously? How is that a betrayal?

The kiss will identify Me in the darkness so that my enemies can arrest Me.

But the people adore You! They will rise to your defense!

Public opinion changes quickly. I will soon be hated by all men, and they will call for My death.

Well at least you will still have us.

I will become an embarrassment and an offense to all of you and you will forsake me.

Never! Not I! I would never deny You! None of us would!

You’re about to be shocked how quickly you can change your mind.

Even if it means we have to die!

There’s only one of us who will be dying anytime soon. I’ve been telling you that for weeks.

We don’t remember that! What were we doing?

Pretending to understand and care while you argued over who was the greatest in the kingdom.

If all this is true, how could You possibly love us?

By choosing to. By giving Myself to serve your need.

And what need is that?

For your broken heart to be healed…

For your cheating heart to be restored…

For your dead heart to be brought to life…

For your faithless heart to believe…

For your pretending heart to be made real.


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