Someone Out There Still Believes

by Andy Wood on November 21, 2011

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When the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?

-Jesus Christ (Luke 18:8)

Welcome to the waterdown season.

Welcome to the days when we’re thankful, but not really sure Who to thank.

Where we count our blessings, but choke on the Name of the Blesser.

Welcome to the days where we deck the halls and hang the balls,

And sing wistful songs about traffic jams and bells and chestnuts.

When the world becomes a Winter Wonderland without a Wonderful Counselor –

And seeks peace on earth without the Prince of Peace.

But I’m not whining or pining away for the days of Rockwell or Currier and Ives,

Because God has always had a remnant of believing hearts and transformed lives.

And I’m still hopeful and expectant that in the city sidewalks or crowded stores,

In festive churches or feastful tables, someone out there still believes.


Someone out there still believes

That there’s more to life and those living it than what appears on the surface.

Someone out the still believes

That self-assured smiles and well-traveled miles

Can mask a desperately stranded traveler who can’t find his way home.

Someone out there still believes

That aimless hearts need a compass…

Lost souls need a Savior…

Tossed lives need an anchor…

And broken spirits need a healer.

Someone out the still recalls

That they were once that aimless heart,

That broken spirit, lost and tossed.

And now they’re standing on a Rock,

Whole and healed by a Mighty God

And given purpose and hope by an Everlasting Father.

(I’m a believer – how ’bout you?)


Someone out there still believes

That thanks-giving means thank YOU.

And they’re declaring loud and proud or quiet and still

That all their blessings flow from Him.

Someone out there still believes

That a quiet, faithful witness – a beacon of hope –

Can still light the darkness and rescue the perishing.

Someone out there still believes

That the earth is decaying, but we’re still the salt –

That the world is dark, but we’re still the light.

And someone out there still believes that salt and light still matter.

Someone out there still believes

That God helps those who help themselves to His presence,

And sings over those who sing to Him in praise.

(Can I get a witness? How ’bout you?)


Someone out there still believes

That silent nights become holy nights

When Heaven kisses the world with His first or second coming.

That in His voice is the strength to carry on,

And the peace to be still in the most violent storm.

Someone out there still believes

That what’s done is done – unless it’s undone by the grace of the living God.

That what goes around comes around – unless it’s cast into the uttermost parts of the sea.

That your past is always sneaking up on you – unless it’s removed as far as the east is from the west.

Someone out there still believes

In virgin birth and mystery and angels drawing swords for war

To fight for God’s redemption plan.

That no one ever stays the same

When lost in wonder, love and praise

For One whose life forever says,

“I’m coming back for those I love.”

So keep your neutered holidays,

Your sleighs praise and thanks to no one in particular.

Keep your empty resolutions,

Old traditions and artificial cheer if you want.

I’m still hopeful, and blessed that I don’t hope alone.

I’m still grateful, and know I’m not the only one.

I’m still wonderfully alive, and part of a resurrection navy of rescued souls.

And when darkness descends and the sky remains starless,

Then I’ll shine the light for whoever to see

That someone out there still believes.

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