Doughrise: Seven More Half-baked Ideas I’m Working On

by Andy Wood on February 27, 2010

in Half-baked Ideas

It’s time to break the silence.  So in a minute I’m going to tell you the most shameful, disgraceful thing I’ve ever done. Then I’m going to tell you the second most shameful, disgraceful thing I have ever done.  I’m not proud of either (hence the terms “shameful” and “disgraceful”), but in the spirit of James 5:16, there is healing to be found in honesty and vulnerability.  

More on that in a minute.  But first, here are seven new half-baked ideas that are still baking up in my oven…


The deeper I get into the Third Quarter, the more important kindness is to me – and the more absurd it seems to have critical opinions.


“God doesn’t want to inform you of who He is – He wants to form you because of who He is.“ –Erwin McManus


A real-life parable about human nature – especially, for some reason, in Church World… 

When my son was very small, he would point a toy gun at me and say, “Stick ‘em up!”

I would dutifully raise my hands.

He would shoot anyway.


“There is nothing more dangerous than unrighteous men with a righteous cause.”  –Rick Cagle 


I got to see my pastor last week.  Fred Wolfe is my father in the ministry, and without fail, when he invests in my life, I come away with words seared in my heart.  Among other things he said, here is the most impacting: 

“You’re 51 years old.  You still have many chapters to write.  And the only way they won’t get written is if you get discouraged and quit.”  -Fred Wolfe


Drama (n.) – (DRAH-mah) – Emotionally intense stuff that I didn’t initiate or control.  If I started it or control it, it’s life.  If you do it, it’s drama.


Okay, as advertised, here is the most shameful and disgraceful thing I have ever done: 

I sinned against God. 

Everything else is just details.  And the second most shameful and disgraceful thing I have ever done? 

Because I had sinned against Him, I seriously questioned His love for me.

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