Lost for Words

by Andy Wood on July 22, 2013

in Esteem, Following Your Passion, Life Currency, LV Cycle

Speechless LoveThere are over 3,000 words in the English language to describe some kind of feeling.  According to design student Pei-Ying Lin that’s about 21 words short. Lin, in working with colleagues from London’s Royal College of Art, identified 21 words from other languages for which there is no English word.  Example: The Russian word, Tocka, which means “Great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause…ache of soul, a longing with nothing to long for.”

You can find out more, and see Lin’s infographic, by clicking here.

Of course, what Lin has accomplished, while significant, is no real surprise – especially for anybody who’s ever found themselves not knowing how to express exactly how they felt.

Sometimes the gratitude is too great. [click to continue…]


Overcome Evil with Good

by Andy Wood on July 22, 2012

in LV Stories, Turning Points

I grew up wishing I could sing like Steve Green.  From his early days in “Truth” to his days in the Gaither Vocal Band to his sterling solo career and ministry, Steve had the pipes.  He would melt my heart with “People Need the Lord”  and “Wounded Soldier.”  He would inspire me with “The Mission” and “Carry On.”  He would blow me away with “No Other Name but Jesus” and his Truth duet with Art Ortiz of “It is Well With My Soul.”

I would buy his accompaniment tapes (if you have to ask what a tape is, never mind), grab a mic and belt his stuff out with gusto.

But Steve’s biggest impact on my life took place after Robin made a run to the Baptist Book Store (now Lifeway) and came home with “Hide ‘em In Your Heart, Vol. 1.”  [click to continue…]