Finish What You Start!

by Andy Wood on May 1, 2015

in 100 Words, Executing Your Plan, Five LV Laws, Leadership, Life Currency, LV Cycle, Principle of Legacy

The Last Piece

Thi lad I kne – a rathe larg, joll sor – onc joke, “I don’ hav a proble wit diet. I star on ever Monda!”

Th jok, o cours, hint a th proble.

Sor o lik th ki wh joine m scou troo afte bein a membe o tw other an wantin t star ove, workin o th ran o Tenderfoo.


H like startin.  Bu no pressin o o finishin.

Peopl wh star thing repeatedl bu neve finis the ar lik peopl wh don’ finis spellin thei word.  The mak i har o themselve…

An everybod els wh depend o the.

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