My 2012 Christmas Prayer for You

by Andy Wood on December 25, 2012

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fireplaceOn this cold December night, when life, relationships and future hope seem more complicated than ever, I pray that that the Father of lights would give you the joy of His presence and the gift of simple happiness throughout the coming year, with the light of every new sunrise.

I pray that he would remind you often of how deeply you are loved, unforgettably engraved in the palm of His hand, steadfastly held by His grace day and night.

I pray that in an age where nothing seems to last, that the One who promised us a home with Him forever  would keep the language and love of forever dancing in your heart and mine as long as you and I have breath.

I pray that what you know in your head – that He will never leave you nor forsake you – will capture your heart with great courage and boldness to know that as long as He’s there, you never have reason to be afraid because He will always watch over you.

I pray that you will stand confidently in the face of the enemy’s accusations, knowing that in Jesus your sin is erased and your shame is forgotten, both now and for all time.

I pray what wherever life takes you that you will discover again and again that the nearness of God is your good, and that wherever you are, you will know with peace that He has visited that time and place long before you got there.

I pray that He would fill your life with laughter and delight as you realize how richly you are blessed, and how many good things He has done for you and always will do.

I pray that when darkness comes (and it will), you will have the peace and courage to respond to trouble as a child of the light – knowing that in Christ there lies a resurrection power and faithful hope that neither you nor I can deny.

I pray that when you stumble and fall (and you will), you will find in Jesus again and again your One More Chance, as He forgives your transgressions and covers your sin in love and grace.

I pray that in a world that looks on outward appearances, that you would feel how truly beautiful you are to the One who calls you His beloved.

I pray that this Christmas you rediscover what a kiss of love it was that God touched your vulnerability and went to war for you there in Bethlehem that night so that you could experience His eternal love as your dearest, greatest value.

Finally, I pray that despite the setbacks and battles, the storms and the sorrows, you would find in Him your strength of heart and know the lengths, depths, breadth, and heights He would reach across to hold you as His purchased possession, cherished friend and child.

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Martha Orlando December 25, 2012 at 8:48 am

Beautiful prayers, Andy! May our God and Savior watch over you and bless you always!
Merry Christmas, my friend!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..Merry Christmas!

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