I Think I Had a Prophetic Dream

by Andy Wood on November 2, 2011

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Do you think God still speaks to people through dreams?

He did in the Bible.

I know a lot of people who don’t think He does that anymore because we have the Bible now.  I know a lot of other people who say, “So what?  The Bible we have shows God speaking to people through dreams.  So if the Bible is inerrant, infallible and all that, why would it say that God gave people dreams back in the day if He’s not supposed to speak through dreams now?”

I gotta admit, that makes sense to me.  But I should hasten to say that not every dream comes from God.  One time I dreamed that I hauled off and slugged this British guy.  I know he was British because when he prepared to slug me back he said something really ugly in a very lovely British accent.

I don’t think that dream was from God.  Unless He was telling me to avoid hauling off and slugging guys from Great Britain.

But I have had dreams that I very much believe were prophetic.  Like this one.  And probably this one.

And I think I may have had another one last week.

I don’t know what you do with your possible alerts from the Almighty in your sleep, but I have sort of an ad hoc committee I run them by, just to test it out.  Think of it as my Prophetic Testers of Supposed Dreams team (PTSD for short).  In this case it was a committee of two – my wife, the prophetic counselor (or counseling prophet – I like to call her Elijah when she’s really on a roll) and my daughter, the seminary-trained counselor.  Surely they could see the hand of God writing on my sleeping eyelids.

They weren’t impressed.

So I’ll try a larger audience – the three of you who are still reading at this point.  Tell me what you think:

The dream is about John, Paul, and me.

Not the Apostles.  The Beatles.

In the dream, the three of us are at a Karaoke bar.  I know, right?  I don’t normally dream about Karaoke bars.  Or Beatles, for that matter.

Anyway, Paul has the mic and John and I are standing at the bar.  And John sort of rolls his eyes and “sheeshes” and says, “That Paul.  All he ever wants to sing are old Beatles songs.  He never wants to do anything new.”

Sure enough, right on cue, the music starts and Paul is on the little stage singing, “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.”

That was it.  I woke up singing Penny Lane in my head.  If that’s not a confirmation, I don’t know what is.

As I mentioned earlier, neither of the licensed professional counselors in my family were impressed.  Had this been 10 years earlier, Cassie would have rolled her eyes and said, “You’re a dork.”  Robin was busy putting on makeup, so she may have been distracted.  Though I’m pretty sure if the dream had been about bringing croutons for the Holy Spirit Salad she would have been all over that.

Anyway, given such wisdom, I had pretty much forgotten the dream until a few days later when the four of us were out to dinner at Applebees, teaching Baby Cohen to eat lemons.  Good times.  While I’m sitting there, I casually look up and the restaurant décor, and there they are – staring down at me!  Yep!  The Fab Four themselves, in all their 60s glory.

Coincidence?  Ha!  You should know I don’t believe in coincidences.

I pointed out the big-as-life evidence to Cassie.  She just laughed and went back to feeding lemons to Cohen.

So if it was a word from the Lord, what was the word?

It’s time to sing a new song to Him.

And that’s as biblical as it gets.

And He even used two guys with biblical names to bring it.  Had it been George and Ringo, you wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

So what do you think?  Word from God or indigestion?  As for me, I’m not taking any chances.  I’m looking for that fresh, new song of worship or obedience, or maybe that fresh new direction of service.

Pretty good bet it won’t be in a Karaoke bar.  I mean, you can only take these dream things so far.


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Polly Miller November 17, 2011 at 6:02 pm

i was at applebee’s the other day. saw that photo and i could of sworn i heard some beatle music playing.
Sing a New Song Andy.
John Paul and me… i love it…
No karaoke bar no no no….
Spirit and Soul…. Brother!!

Melissa Crawford February 18, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Greetings friend, I’m Melissa Crawford and I appreciate the prophecy that I found on your webpage. My husband wanted me to invite you to share with our live video streaming e-revival audience as soon as possible. At Spirit University he is training a team of prophetic students and we are all receiving end time visions, dreams and words like yours. One of our students has been seeing fireballs falling from Heaven and as you know, recently one actually fell on Russia.

Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one and we have an e-Revival every day!

Times you can call in to share:
Mon – Fri at 10:45 am & 7 pm (central)
Sat. 7 pm
Sun. 11 am

Feel free to call our cell at (318) 655-2297 or email james@world-hops.com for more information.

Keep up the good work and God bless you.
Melissa Crawford´s last blog post ..Prophetic Signs!

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