Your Journey of Desire

by Andy Wood on February 16, 2011

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Okay, so try this.  Let’s take a little mental inventory.  Go back to the twilight of your thinking last night – that mental place where you drift between the time you close your eyes and the time you actually go to sleep.  (I can tell you mine, but I’m saving it for a future blog post… watch for something called the “three A’s.”)

Or… how about the first line of thinking out of the mental gate this morning – that place where your mind went before you got out of bed?

Was it something to do?

Something you were worried about?

Some pressure, or pain?  Or some pleasure or something/someone you were grateful for?

Was it a longing, or an idea?  Or a feeling of dread?

Recapture that thought or line of thinking for a minute… then go behind it… and look for the desire. Based on your thinking, mentally complete this sentence:  “I want to _____________.”

It could be something you want to feel.

Could be something you want to accomplish.

Could be something you want to experience.

Could be somebody you want to connect with, serve, or resolve an issue with.

Got it yet?  Okay, let’s dig a little deeper.

Your Eight Destination Points

Whenever somebody comes to me for counseling or coaching, something brings them in the door.  Something prompts them to pick up the phone, send the email, or flag me down at church or the traffic light.

Okay, just kidding about the traffic light.

Anyway, that something the drives them to take the initiative to reach out is desire.  They may not always know what the desire is, but they want something.  And the vast majority of times, that desire will take one or more of the following shapes.  Try this yourself.  See if the sentence you just completed fits into one of these eight “destination points:”

  • I want to influence someone’s behavior.
  • I want to be free from financial pressure.
  • I want to make a good decision or have better understanding.
  • I want to be able to __________ (fill in the blank… emphasis is on ability).
  • I want to feel good about myself.
  • I want give or receive love to/from __________.
  • I want to hear ____________ express that they are pleased with me.
  • I want to make the most of my time/days.

Those “destination points” are what I have referred to earlier as LifeVesting currency.  They are gateways, or avenues, through which we give and receive, both in our relationship with God and in our relationships with others.  Here are some things I have learned about those destination points:

1.  The clearer you are about the desire, the more likely you are to point your life in that direction.

2.  If your heart is toward the Lord, then your desires are often His way of speaking to you.  That includes the desires you woke up with this morning.

3.  There are ways you can position yourself to receive the fulfillment of those desires more quickly and easily, and there are ways you can position yourself to make it a lot more difficult.

4.  Before you get what you want, you are often put in a position where you are challenged to give to someone else (or to the Lord) the very thing you want for yourself.

5.  Your desire is an invitation from the God of Heaven to ask Him for it.

Intercessory Desires

Back to those twilight or dawning thoughts you had.  Sometimes the desire is real, but it’s actually pointed toward someone else.  You’re thinking about your friend, and desiring wisdom.  You’re wanting your adult children to be free from financial pressure or to feel good about themselves.

It’s still LifeVesting currency.  And if your heart is toward the Lord, it’s most likely a reflection of something He wants to accomplish – in them.

And maybe through you.

So be prepared to give.  But most of all, be prepared to ask.  This is a moment of opportunity to invest in someone else’s life – and in your future.

That’s all for now.  More later.

Meanwhile, what was that you said you wanted?  What do you figure you need to do with that?

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