Leaven Heaven: Seven More Half-Baked Ideas I’m Working On

by Andy Wood on July 29, 2010

in Half-baked Ideas

So many random thoughts or snippets of wisdom (or something)… so little time.  Here are seven more ideas that are still in my “oven”.  And if you’re a sucker for these kinds of things, and just can’t get enough from Facebook or Twitter, check this out.  Or maybe this or this.

Not long ago I read about this great procrastination test on the Psychology Today website.  The test helps you target patterns of procrastination, then do something to change them.  I clicked on the link and left it on my browser for a couple of days until I could get to it.  Yes… I procrastinated taking the procrastination test.  Until the browser locked up and I had to restart it… and lost the test.  Ugh.  The good news is, I found it again (thanks, Google).  The bad news is, I’m still procrastinating.  If you’d like to load it up and procrastinate taking it with me, you can find it here.


God will even use the blindness of men to fulfill a greater purpose.


God has yet to create the day when you can get done all the things you think you’re supposed to do.  And He did that on purpose.


A car is easier to steer when it is moving, and so is your life.  So get moving.  But remember, there are places you can drive the car (like over a cliff or into a tree) where you lose any ability to steer at all.


It’s been said that “hurt people hurt people.”  True.  Today I heard from the Lord a variant of that:  “Broken hearts break hearts.”


I typed “journaled” into my journal program (as in, “I have journaled a lot”).  And the spell checker didn’t recognize it.  Does that not strike you as odd that the journaling program doesn’t recognize “journaled?”  (MS Word doesn’t either.)


If you could perform your way into acceptance, you wouldn’t need a Savior.

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