Hold On – He’s Coming

by Andy Wood on April 27, 2009

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sun-through-clouds1During the American Civil War, General William T. Sherman was driving his troops through Georgia on his decisive march to the sea.  He had left a small contingent of men behind in a fort on Kennesaw Mountain to guard the rations.  General John Bell Hood of Texas attacked the fort, and a fierce battle followed.  One-third of the men were killed or wounded, and J. M. Corse, the general in command, was severely injured in the fighting.

Just as he was about to hoist up the white flag and surrender, a message came through the signal corps set up on a chain of mountains.  General Sherman was within 15 miles of the fort and had sent the message:  “Hold fast.  We are coming.” Those few words so encouraged the defenders that they held on and kept the fort from falling into the hands of their attackers.

You and I are a little like that contingent of Union soldiers.  We’re part of a victorious army that has been left for a season to be stewards of the resources of our Commander-in-Chief.

And we’re under attack.

By a foe whose fate is sealed, but whose fury is relentless.

And he means business, whether we do or not.

On paper, left to appearances, we’re outmanned, outgunned, outflanked, and out-willed.  After all, we’ve marched into the enemy’s camp and taken what was once the enemy’s possessions.  You’re on his turf, pal.  And he’s got nothing to lose.

The battle gets fierce sometimes.  Discouraging, too.  There’s something about watching your comrades being wounded in battle that can take the fight out of you.  Something about the sight of your own blood can have the same effect.

Another believer caught in sexual sin.  Hang it up.

Another Christian gives in to depression or deception.  Raise the white flag.

Yet another “believer” overwhelmed by fear or unbelief.  Why bother anymore?

Before you throw in the towel and call it quits, I have a message for you.  Really it’s just a reminder of what you already know.  But sometimes in the craziness of the noise of battle it’s easy to forget. To give in.  To start looking for something – anything – to use as a white flag.

Hold on.  He’s coming.

He’s the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts, and He hasn’t forgotten you.  Hold on.

His victory is decisive, your destiny is sure.  Hold on.

His love is greater than the enemy’s fury or your own courage.  Hold on.

He rides with your name engraved in the palm of His hand.  Hold on.

He is your Beloved, and you are His.  Hold on.

He sees beyond your woundedness and fear; He has enough faith for both of you.  Hold on.

This is the day of the noise of battle.  Soon you will hear the Victor’s song.

Hold on.

He’s coming.

For you.

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