When Leaders Become Dangerous

by Andy Wood on July 24, 2008

in Leadership, Life Currency

I haven’t said anything about the current political scene for a variety of reasons, but this scares me.  I haven’t seen fawning like this since I escorted W. A. Criswell into a Baptist pastors’ meeting.

Something’s wrong when the same people who want to make sure terrorists get equal time and a “fair and balanced perspective” do this kind of drooling.  And something is even more wrong when the people whose vocation is to report the facts and to ask the tough question lose their calling to a thrill running up their leg.

Good grief, Chris, have some dignity.

But this isn’t about politics or the press so much as it is about healthy leadership.  I’ve seen the same kind of crap surrounding pastors, business leaders, and celebrity-types who never had to give an account to anybody for how they influenced people.

When leaders create or inherit an environment where nobody asks the tough questions, they are setting themselves and their organization (or nation) up for their own demise.

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Politics and Statesmanship

by Andy Wood on June 13, 2008

in 100 Words, Leadership, Life Currency

A Picture and a Hundred Words

PigA little reminder, with conventions approaching:

Politics means gaining the favor of the people.  Statesmanship is executing the will of the people.

Politics is getting something said.  Statesmanship is getting something done. 

Politics is doing what it takes to win.  Statesmanship is making the other side glad you did. 

Politics is finding the parade and getting in front of it.  Statesmanship is leading the parade to a desirable place. 

Politicians sit and promise.  Statesmen stand and deliver. 

Politicians campaign for the rights of the pig (or pig owner).  Statesmen clean the stalls, feed the pigs, and have bacon for breakfast.