Gloriously Never Enough

by Andy Wood on December 31, 2012

in Life Currency, Love, Words

Miles to GoThe more you love someone, even God, the more you’d better get used to the World of Never Enough.  Some days that’s a peaceful and practical place to be.  At other times it’s mind-numbingly frustrating.

As we’ve been repeatedly told over the last decade, everybody has a “love language” by which they both measure and naturally express love.  Doesn’t matter.  Whatever language you speak or listen for, at the end of the day you’re still inadequate to communicate all that’s in your heart or all that those who depend most on you for love need.

Take words, for example – one of my most trusted tools.  There’s a lazy streak in me that wishes I could just find the magic words and loop them over and over, without having to think of any more ways to say it. The problem is that words, despite their power, are gloriously limited.

That’s when you action folks take the stage.  “Love is something you do,” you opine.


So do it.  And when you’ve done all you can do today, guess what?  There’ll still be more to do tomorrow – especially for those you love most.

Now.  You have two choices when it comes to the World of Never Enough.  [click to continue…]