by Acharaporn Limpanapirak (Gift)

Gift(I mentioned the other day that our friend Gift is visiting from Thailand. Gift is a businesswoman and the wife of a pastor in Bangkok. I asked her if she would like to write a guest post for LifeVesting readers, maybe about her experience with Jesus Christ and what Thai Christian culture is about. She graciously agreed – I think you’ll find below that the challenges Christians encounter there are similar to some we encounter here.)

I have been a Christian in name for more than half of my life, but for some time I never realized that I had never known my LORD, Christ Jesus.

It happened 13 years ago at my previous church in Bangkok where my husband, Pi Dui, served as a deputy pastor.  A certain man came to talk with Pi Dui and asked an interesting question

Arjan (Pastor) Dui, I would like to know Jesus. Could you please tell me how to do so?”

When I heard this, it was as if someone hit me on the head.  This question had confused me for a while.  This guy came from a rural part in Isaan, in the Northeast of Thailand. Few people there have any opportunities to go to school, and they are incapable of reading or writing (illiterate).  But, WOW, he wanted to know Jesus, with a very simple faith like a child, as Jesus told in the Bible.  Here I had been a “Christian” more than 20 years, and I had not ever a desire like this. I felt so ashamed. [click to continue…]