The Purple Hippopotamus

by Andy Wood on April 17, 2012

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As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I was blessed to have a father who actually wanted to be a dad and inspired me to want to be one.  I’m even more blessed to have three adult children who also wanted to be parents.  This video was my son’s beautiful way of expressing that, and I wanted you to see it.  It’s only two minutes long, but I think you’ll agree it’s worth the time.  (If you’re seeing this on the email or RSS feed, you may have to click on a link either to the embedded video or to the post title).

I have included his script below.

There’s a small purple hippopotamus that sits on my bathroom counter by the mirror.
There’s nothing extraordinary about the hippo –
He’s one of hundreds made from the same mold.
But this one is special.
Where some people would see a toy,
I see a constant reminder.
A reminder of what I have.
A reminder of what I deserve,
Or better, what I don’t deserve,
But am blessed with regardless.
The purple hippo in my bathroom reminds me of joy.
It reminds me of a smile.
It reminds me of laughter.
It reminds me of a person –
A person that I want to spend all of my time with.
A person that makes me so happy, that it’s intoxicating.
And I know, no matter what I’m going through,
No matter how bad my day is,
If I can pick him up, it’s going to be better.
It’s what I live for.
It’s what I work for.
It’s what I do everything for.
The concept of family isn’t foreign to me.
It’s just new now… it’s different.
It’s changed… because my family’s changed.
I’ve changed.
It’s better.
And I love being a daddy.

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