by Andy Wood on July 20, 2011

in Life Currency, Love

Showtime… Get up.

Your long-held dreams may soon come true, but someone has to hoist the sail to catch the wind that carries you to your destination.  That someone is you.  There’s no limit to what you can accomplish or where you can go.  That is, unless you never bother to set the sail and position yourself to prosper.

You can listen to your fears or live as if nobody cares some other time.  But not on my watch.

You can listen to the counsel of a troubled mind or pretend that you’re friendless if you want.  But you’ll have to climb over my outstretched arms to do it.

I’m always as close as your need for a friend, and always as strong as your faith in times of weakness.  And when it’s time to stand and deliver, you won’t have to look far to find me standing with you.  You can stand on my love… and you can trust me.

Foe time… Reach up.

When darkness descends on you like an impossibly thick cloud and everywhere you turn all you see is pain, I will be the comfort you so desperately need.  You don’t have to convince me that the world can be cruel or that people can be hard.  Nobody understands more than I that life can be, well, tough as nails.

When people have disappointed you, I will be faithful. When others reject you, I’ll still be here.

When you’re powerless to rise, regardless of the reason, I will rise on your behalf.  When no one else can span the distance between your pain and your peace, you can trust me to do it for you.

I’m always as close as your need for a healer, and always as bright as your hope in times of darkness.  And when it’s time to walk on through the cloud, you won’t have to wonder if you’re walking alone.  You can walk in my love… and you can trust me.

Slow time… Rest up.

There is nothing much lonelier than realizing how far you have to go and how few there are to go with you.  Of knowing how small you are and how large the task is before you.  Of pushing past exhaustion and fighting past tears – all the while surrounded by needs and challenges that no one can solve but you.

There’s only one thing to do… nothing.  Be still.  Breathe deeply.  Rest in my love for you.

When you’ve spent the night sleepless in the lions’ den and all you have to show for it are opinions and critiques from lazy spectators, I want to remind you of something else you have…  You have me.  And I’m for you.

I’m always as close as your need for renewal, and always as awake as your love in times of loneliness.  And when it’s time to rest and rekindle, you won’t have to wonder who’s watching the lions.  You can rest in my love… and you can trust me.

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Karen July 20, 2011 at 12:19 pm

Powerful stuff, Mr. Wood. Especially the “tough as nails” line.

peggy jones July 20, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Oh how I needed to hear that today Andy. You have always had a way to speak right to my heart and I am sure you never knew it at the time. We have left TPCC, and it looks like things with the estate may have an end someday soon. It has been 3 1/2 long years, but God is faithful. Thanks for always being a constant in my life. We pray huge blessings and prosperity on you and Robin and family. Please pray we get the right arbutrator and that he or she shows us much favor. School will be starting next month and you will have loads of new challenges and blessings beyond measure. May you find peace in knowing how much you are helping people. You all are never far from my heart.

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