The Elves are Checking In

by Andy Wood on July 30, 2009

in 100 Words, Spoofs

Elf Checkin

(Sung to the tune of “Christmas is Coming”)

Christmas is coming
The elves have been away
Now they’re returning from their holiday.
If you haven’t any reindeer
An airline flight will do
If you haven’t got an airline flight,
Then God bless you.

Christmas is coming
Although it’s still July
We’re going shopping, and no asking “Why?”
Hobby Lobby has your ornaments
And artificial pines
If you don’t have one in your town
Then shop online.

Christmas is coming
The elves may call it quits –
Santa’s reducing all their benefits.
If you haven’t got insurance
Obamacare will do
If you haven’t got Obamacare
It’s time to sue.

(Photo credit:  EchoDeltaDeltaOscarNovember

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