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The Encourager’s Creed

by Andy Wood on December 16, 2007

in Esteem, Love

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Today and every day I will offer the most elegant gift another human can receive: the gift of encouragement. I will recognize that my gift is theirs to receive or to refuse, and that it comes with no expectations or demands.

Today and every day:

I will give the lonely a reason to believe in companionship again. And in so doing, I will banish loneliness from my own heart forever.

I will give the open-hearted a reason to grow – to expand their knowledge or their experience, their character or their self-confidence. And in so doing, I will discover paths of my own growth I never knew existed.

I will give the dreamer a reason to achieve – to accomplish a major step toward a goal or project. And in so doing, I will find myself closer to my own dreams than ever.

I will give the sojourner a reason to feel connected – to God, to self, to me. And in so doing, I will embark on my own wondrous journey of intimacy.

I will give my coworkers a reason to say, “Thank You,” but I will not demand that it be said. And in so doing, I will experience the exhilaration of true teamwork.

I will give the ordinary a reason to feel respected. And in so doing, I will possess greater respect from myself and from others.

I will give the solemn a reason to laugh or smile. And in so doing, I will be reminded again not to take myself too seriously.

I will give the decision-maker a reason to say, “Yes” with enthusiasm, or, “No” with courage. And in so doing I will be delivered from my own inaction.

I will give the weary a reason to go on, refusing to quit. And in so doing I will sow the seeds of my own prevailing strength.

I will give the apathetic a reason to be passionate about the things that really matter. And in so doing, I will face the trivial and meaningful in my own life.

I will give the cautious a reason to get out of that dull routine and live a little. And in so doing I will protect my own spirit from stagnation.

I will give the cynic a reason to believe the world is a beautiful place. And in so doing, I will rediscover for myself the splendor of the grand and the grace of the simple.

Most of all, I will recognize that this day is a gift to me. Today and every day I will take the time to encourage the encourager. I will recognize that my greatest gifts become available to others only when I offer them first to myself and to my God.