The LifeVesting Principle of Abundance

by Andy Wood on July 3, 2008

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GrapesGod has established an ordered world based on eternal principles found in His word.  I’m not talking about so-called “principles” that preachers invent to make people feel good, then try to attach a random Bible verse to in order to sound legit to the church crowd.  I mean truths, grounded in His character, that apply to many different situations.  That’s the difference between a rule and a principle.  “Don’t commit murder” is a rule.  “Value life” is a principle.

That said, to the degree that we align our lives with God’s principles, we experience the fullness of God’s purpose in creating us in the first place.  And the root from which every other principle springs is that everything begins with, and culminates in, the glory of God.  You and I were created for his glory – to express His image, extend His life, and execute His will.  And in order to fulfill that purpose, we were given the awesome gift of one lifetime.

That’s it.  No Plan B.  No second chances as a toad or platypus.  You get one shot, with no guarantees of how long exactly that will be. But with that one lifetime, you receive the opportunity to produce consequences affecting your future, in both time and eternity.

LifeVesting is about understanding the possibilities and taking action in the direction of the compelling future and eternal reward that can be yours.  It revolves around five biblical principles.  You can find them expressed in a variety of images – agriculture, business, family relationships, even fishing.  But the principles are consistent, regardless of the metaphor.  Today I’d like to briefly explain the first one.

The Principle of Abundance

I live in an abundant universe, created by an abundant God, who wants me to have an abundant life.

WheatfieldThroughout the Bible, God reveals himself as a God of abundance.  What He does, He does abundantly. He gives abundantly.  He loves abundantly.  He heals abundantly. He saves abundantly.  All He has to offer us is more than enough, and far beyond anything we could ever ask or imagine. We are limited only by our capacity to receive.

A few years ago, I wasn’t feeling very “abundant.”  Anything but!  I was overwhelmed financially, defeated emotionally and living in a constant state of frustrated want or need.  So I asked the Lord about it.  “If you offer such an abundant life,” I demanded, “why do I feel so impoverished?”  Here were some of the things He showed me.

  • I was closing myself off from Him. He wanted to bless me more than I was willing to let Him.  I had become the enemy of my own blessing by seeking to produce it myself.  “They have their reward,” Jesus said of such people.  Haunting.
  • I was limited in my faith or my focus. I was asking for mountains but could only believe Him for anthills.  Or worse, I was asking for anthills (translate this “money”) as if they were the mountains I wanted, when God had valuable treasures that far exceeded my focus.
  • I was unwilling to wait or endure. I wanted immediate results, easy answers, and quick prizes.  His greatest abundance still comes to those who press on, who endure, and who seek a prize that outlasts this lifetime.
  • I wanted some blessings that only come as a result of fighting – of “possessing our possessions.”  Like Israel, who had the land as an inheritance but still had to fight for it from a position of victory, many of God’s blessings come to us the same way.  They must be taken, and sometimes the battle is long and hard.
  • I was walking by sight – and particularly by what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I asked for abundance, but didn’t see myself as worthy of receiving it.  I had forgotten that my worth is not based on my performance or my ability to please people, but on being identified with Jesus Christ.
  • I wanted to combine God’s abundance with my personal glory, and God won’t share His glory with anyone.

Jesus told a parable about a landowner who gave varying sums of money to three servants, then returned to determine their fate based on one question:  How abundantly did you live and serve with the resources I entrusted to you?

What does that suggest to you about God’s expectations for you and me?

I’m still learning to find the balance in all this, but one thing is sure:  when God calls my name, I don’t want to stand before Him as the guy who thought He was a selfish, cheap, hard-to-please opportunist and hid His treasure in the dirt.

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Tree Newt July 5, 2008 at 9:03 pm

Andy, as usual, a great post. It got me to thinking quite a bit. The idea of “lifevesting” is starting to sink into my thick skull. I definitely don’t want to be one hiding my talent in the dirt when the Master comes calling. Thanks for stirring us up!

rhett burns July 5, 2008 at 11:57 pm

Andy, you always write great stuff, but I think this is my favorite of your posts since I’ve been reading. “I had become the enemy of my own blessing by seeking to produce it myself.” Ouch! So true of me many times. And then, “I was unwilling to wait or endure” and “I wanted some blessings that only come as a result of fighting” seem to really speak to me where I find myself a lot. I am the epitome of the guy who wants instant gratification. I’m learning the folly of it, but it is deeply rooted. And during that time, there is usually a fight. Spiritual growth just isn’t always easy.

Great post. Thanks for teaching and reminding me of these things. This post is definitely saved in the ol’ Bloglines reader:)

rhett burnss last blog post..Funny…

Jeff August 18, 2008 at 9:46 pm

I have been seeking God’s truth for a while now and many of the things you said here coincide with what has been revealed to me. Except one- that we have one life. I’m not here to dispute anyone else’s faith or beliefs. Whatever one person feels about God is probably necessary for that person’s spiritual growth. However, i just feel compelled to say that one thing that I have come to understand is that we have many lives. Again, if you truly believe we have “one shot”, then I am not here to judge your faith. I just think that those who read this should at least explore the possibility of reincarnation. I think that the idea that God would give us one chance is contradictory to his nature, and his plan.

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